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The Penguin Discography: The Land Of Manana

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The Land Of Manana
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Luke Reed, Michael Smotherman

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From my home in Sonora so far away
I came up to Texas for a dollar a day
Hired on with a drover bound for Abilene
And the land of manana grew distant indeed
Through the storms on the prairies
Dust on the high plains
The winds in the canyons whisper the name
Of my Bonita Serena queen of my dreams
How the land of manana is callin' to me

Come home return surrender
To the longing deep within your heart and soul
To the land of manana, caballero
La familia never more to roam

In the town of Tascosa one black luckless night
Had too much tequila wound up in a fight
He went for his pistol I drew my knife
Now my destiny's written with his blood on my life
They're hard right behind me they'll ride me down soon
Two Texas rangers with big colt dragons
With their orders to kill me when they can't take me
How the land of manana calls out to me tonight


Now I'm trapped in the saddle where my pony went down
My lifeblood is spilling unto unhallowed ground
Though I know I lay dyin' my spirit's at peace
The land of manana is callin' to me


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Running Time 5:30
Performers Luke Reed (Vocals), Robby/Robbie Turner (Steel Guitar), Robby/Robbie Turner (Pedal Steel Guitar), Robby/Robbie Turner (Piano), Danny Parks (Acoustic Guitars), Danny Parks (Electric Guitars), Danny Parks (Gut String Guitars), Randy Hardison (Drums), Randy Hardison (Percussion), Kevin Grantt (Bass), Wanda Vick (Fiddle), Glen Duncan (Fiddle), Joey Miskulin (Accordion), Tommy Allsup (Gut String Guitar), Randy Hardison (Background Vocals), Bonnie Bramlett (Background Vocals), Bekka Bramlett (Background Vocals), Ranger Doug (Douglas B. Green) (Background Vocals), Luke Reed (Background Vocals)
Appears On
Corridos: Story Songs Of The West (2000)
Luke Reed

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Songs Of Windswept Pacific BMI/Sony Tree ASCAP

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