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The Penguin Discography: Think Of Me

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Think Of Me
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Sandy Stewart

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Hes got me on the wire again
My feet are proppred up on the wall
Another cigarette gives in to hear all about it
He tells me of the ones he loves
The girls he wants to take
To far away romances, hearts he breaks

And I will listen patiently,
Say the things friends say,
And hope that maybe sometime he will
Think of me that way
Think of me that way

Whats her name has made him cry
Kept him up all night
Tashas so mysterious
When she whispers that she might

But I will wait forever,
And hope for that someday
When hes drifting off to sleep
He will think of me that way
Think of me that way.

He needs me, I know
But he never lets it show
When in a cool minute Id have a go
And Id never let him go

Such a fool for the girls and their elegance
So nouveau riche
Id out do them all if I got the chance
The chance he wont give me

But I will wait forever
And hope for that someday
If only he would love me,
If hed think of me that way
Hope for that someday
Id give the stars above me
If hed think of me that way
Hope for that someday
Will you love me, will you
Think of me that way

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Running Time 4:28
Performers Sandy Stewart (Vocal), Sandy Stewart (Keyboards), Sandy Stewart (B'Vocals), David Monday/Munday (Guitars), David Monday/Munday (Keyboards), Beau Hill (Keyboards), Beau Hill (Synth Bass), Beau Hill (Drum Synth), Amanda Blue (B'Vocals), David/Dave Bluefield (DMX Programming), (Ms.) Bobbye Hall (Percussion), Beau Hill (Produced By), Gordon Perry (Produced By), Beau Hill (Engineered By), Shelly Yakus (Engineered By)
Appears On
Cat Dancer (0000)
Sandy Stewart

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(C) 1983 Sweet Talk Music, ASCAP/Small Hope Music, BMI/Three Hearts Music, ASCAP.

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