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The Penguin Discography: Teardrops Will Kiss The Morning Dew

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Teardrops Will Kiss The Morning Dew
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Paul Craft

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When time was young, we walked the roads together
When love was sweet, I meant the world to you
Now come the sun, we'll say goodbye forever
And teardrops will kiss the morning dew

Take me and make me your lover one more time
Close in your arms as before
Til o'er your shoulder the early morning shines
Then I'll leave you and grieve you no more

(Chorus) (but)

Daisies need sunshine and roses need rain
So it was all meant to be
The wild bird needs wings free to take to the wind
And so it was meant for you and me


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Running Time 3:03
Performers Paul Craft (Lead Vocal), John Starling (Tenor Vocal), Bekka Bramlett (Lead Vocal), Bekka Bramlett (High Baritone Vocal), Rob Ickes (Dobro), Jeff White (Rhythm Guitar), Jeff White (Lead Guitar), Scott Vestal (Banjo), Randy Howard (Fiddle), Randy Howard (Mandolin), Roy Husk(e)y, Jr. (Bass), Larry Atamanuik (Drums)
Appears On
Brother Jukebox (1998)
Paul Craft

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Rocky Top Music, BMI Paul Craft: I was trying to write a Joan Baez-type song for the Osborne Brothers to possibly record. I guess I succeeded because they did and then Alison Krauss... on an album that sold a lot of copies. You're next, Joan...

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