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The Penguin Discography: Twist And Shout

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Twist And Shout
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Bert Berns/Burns (Russell), Phil Medley

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well shake it up baby now twist and shout
come on come on baby now come on and work it on out
well work it on out you know you look so good
you know you got me going now just like i knew you would
you know you twist little girl you know you twist so fine
come on and twist a little closer now and let me know that you're mine
well shake it shake it shake it baby now

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    Performances »
Performance #1:
Date Performance 1970-01-04
Running Time 3:48
Performers Peter Green (Vocal), Peter Green (Lead Guitar), Jeremy Spencer (Piano), Danny Kirwan (Guitar), Mick Fleetwood (Drums), John McVie (Bass)
CommentsRecorded live at the Fillmore West, Market Street, San Francisco, CA
Appears On
The Original Fleetwood Mac Blues Band (0000)
Fleetwood Mac
Performance #2:
Date Performance 1970-04-09
Running Time 7:45
Performers Peter Green (Guitar), Danny Kirwan (Guitar), Jeremy Spencer (Piano), John McVie (Elec. Bass), Mick Fleetwood (Drums), Peter Green (Vox), Jeremy Spencer (Guitar), Jeremy Spencer (Vox), Danny Kirwan (Vox)
Comments(Previously Unissued Song) From Radio 1 “In Concert”. Recorded at the Paris Cinema, Lower Regent Street, London. First broadcast April 19, 1970
Appears On
Show Biz Blues: 1968-1970, Volume 2 (2001)
Fleetwood Mac
They Play On (0000)
Fleetwood Mac

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