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The Penguin Discography: Big Sky

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Big Sky
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Pete(r) (Skiving) Bardens

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This land we walk upon
Cries out from the heart
Look at what you've done
Stop tearing me apart
Change is gonna come
A case of do or die
The hour's getting late
Hear us when we cry

Big Sky

Moon and stars above
Look down as if to say
We've seen it all before
Don't throw it all away
The longer this goes on
No answer to our call
A cold wind's gonna blow
A hard rain's gonna fall

Big Sky

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Running Time 4:57
Performers Pete(r) (Skiving) Bardens (Keyboards), Pete(r) (Skiving) Bardens (Vocals), Stevie Adams (Guitars), Suzanne Paris (Backing Vocals), James Whitney (Backing Vocals)
CommentsRecorded at Nileland Studio, Malibu.
Appears On
Big Sky (1994)
Pete(r) (Skiving) Bardens

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Published by Sieben Punkt GMBH

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