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The Penguin Discography: Being Human

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Being Human
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Chuck Jones, Tom (C.) Shapiro

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Jenny's got a nose ring and tattoo on her skin
All her friends are doin' it and she wants to fit in
It's not about rebellion, she just has the need
To feel like she belongs
Her mama takes one look at her and flies into a rage
Says, "When you gonna grow up child and learn to act your age?"
But when a young girl's cry for attention
Lies beyond her mama's comprehension, it's just

Human beings being human
Not sure what they're doing
Trying to do the best they can
Just human beings being human
Every woman, child, and man

Harry's turning 49, his hair is turning gray
Now he's acting like he's longing for his glory days
He buys a Harley, dyes his hair, he's lifting weights
And wearing new cologne
His wife of 20 years is worried where it's gonne lead
Will he turn to someone else to fill his every need?
Lately she's afraid he's gonna leave her
But he's just doing all he can to keep her, it's just...


Sometimes we doubt, sometimes we fear
Often wonder why we're here, where do we fit in the plan
We're all bound to make mistakes and when we do
It helps to understand, it's just...


Human beings being human
Not sure what we're doing
Trying to do the best we can
Just human beings being human
Every woman, child and man

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Running Time 4:14
Performers Michael Peterson (Vocals), Wendell Mobley (Background Vocals), Thom(as)/Tom Flora (Background Vocals), Joe Caverlee (Background Vocals), Bekka Bramlett (Background Vocals), Vicki Caraco (Background Vocals), LeAnn Phelan (Background Vocals), Doug Sax (Mastered By), Mike Brignardello (Bass Guitar), Pat Buchanan/Bucannon (Electric Guitar), Eric Darken/Darkin (Percussion), Dan Dugmore (Steel), Dan Dugmore (Banjo), Larry Franklin (Fiddle), Jeff Hanna (National Guitar), Jeff Hanna (Washboard), Tony Harrell (Piano), John Hobbs (Piano), John Hobbs (Electric Keyboards), John Hobbs (B3), Jeff King (Electric Guitar), Josh Leo (Electric Guitar), Brent Mason (Electric Guitar), Rob(by) McCoury (Banjo), Jerry M(a)cPherson (Electric Guitar), Greg Morrow (Drums), Robert Ellis Orrall (Harmonica), Biff Watson (Acoustic Guitar), The Nashville String Machine (Strings)
CommentsMastered at The Mastering Lab
Appears On
Being Human (1999)
Michael Peterson

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Cumberland Music/Hardtail Hits (adm. by
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