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The Penguin Discography: Two Guitar Lovers

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Two Guitar Lovers
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Maureen S. Gray

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Date Performance 1975-00-00
Running Time 3:33
Performers Dave Mason (Guitar), Dave Mason (Lead Vocals), Dave Mason (Guitar Solos), (Dr.) Rick Jaeger (Drums), Gerald Johnson (Bass), Jai (Jay) Winding (Keyboards), Graham Nash (Background Vocals), David Crosby (Background Vocals), Mark (T.) Jordan (Organ)
Appears On
Split Coconut (1975)
Dave Mason

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The lost Dave Mason
Review written by Margie Clare, March 16th, 2006

I feel that this albumn has missed too many ears. Two Guitar Lovers is a sweet song with a listener pleasure that is unequaled. I know that it did not receive the attention it deserves and I would like to see Dave play this tune at his concerts. Two Guitar Lovers moves me with the "Old Dave" that is missing in his newer pieces. His articulate observations of life and the way we treat each other are heartfelt and honest. Split Coconut is a fantastic display of the Dave Mason I am drawn to see every time he plays in my area. I wish everyone would give it a listen and comment on the craftmanship that has made Dave a superstar.

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