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The Penguin Discography: Fantasyland

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Allen (Tousan) Toussaint (Naomi Neville)

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Running Time 14:13
Performers Ronnie Barron (Vocals), John Mayall (Piano), Alex (Erroneous) Dmochowski (Bass), John Mayall (Lead Guitar), John Mayall (Harmonica), John Mayall (Vocal), John(ny) Almond (Flutes), John(ny) Almond (Tenor Saxophone), Jon Mark (Acoustic Guitar), Novi Novag (Viola), Larry Taylor (Fretless Bass Guitar), Larry Taylor (Bowed Bass), Alex (Erroneous) Dmochowski (Bass Guitar Solo), Rick Vito (Vocals), Dee McKinnie (Vocals)
CommentsRecorded @ Total Experience Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Appears On
A Banquet In Blues (0000)
John Mayall

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Hibiscus Music (ASCAP)

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