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The Penguin Discography: Dragonfly

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Danny Kirwan, W(illiam) H(enry) Davies

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Date Performance 1994-00-00
Running Time 3:06
Performers Gerry Conway (Drums), Gerry Conway (Percussion), Brian Hodgson (Bass Guitar), Rupert Parker (Harp), Nicky Payne (Flute), Mel Simpson (Keyboards)
Appears On
The London Rock Orchestra & Guests Plays Fleetwood Mac Classic (0000)
The London Rock Orchestra

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And when the roses are half-bud soft flowers
And lovely as the king of flies has come
It was a fleeting visit, all too brief
In three short minutes, he had been and gone

He rested there upon an apple leaf
A gorgeous opal crown sat on his head
Although the garden is a lovely place
Was it worthy of so fine a guest


Dragonfly, dragonfly ...

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Performance #1:
Running Time 2:46
Performers Mick Fleetwood (Drums), John McVie (Bass), Christine McVie (Keyboards), Christine McVie (Vocals), Danny Kirwan (Guitar), Danny Kirwan (Vocals), Martin Birch (Recording Engineer)
Appears On
Greatest Hits (0000)
Fleetwood Mac
The Best Of Fleetwood Mac (0000)
Fleetwood Mac
Like It This Way (0000)
Fleetwood Mac
Instant Peter Green (0000)
IMP Publications (England)
Dragonfly/The Purple Dancer (0000)
Fleetwood Mac
Performance #2:
Running Time 3:15
Performers Danny Kirwan (Vocals), Danny Kirwan (Guitar), Bob Welch (Guitar), Bob Welch (Vocals), Christine McVie (Keyboards), Christine McVie (Vocals), John McVie (Bass), Mick Fleetwood (Drums)
Commentsby Fleetwood Mac
Appears On
Get It On: The Seventies DVD Jukebox (2003)
Various Artists

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Published By Palan Music Publishing Ltd/Rachel Music (Leosong)

The lyrics differ slight to the poem as these are some lines from the poem:

And loveliest, the king of flies has come
A gorgeous opal crown set on his head

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Lyrics contributed by Chris Frohring.