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The Penguin Discography: Too Much Information

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Too Much Information
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Billy Burnette

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Well I heard that since you said we're through
You bought some brand new dancin' shoes
That's all I've been hearin' about
All day long day in day out
That's too much too much information

I heard you fell in love but now he's gone
You love 'em then you just move on
Breakin' hearts everywhere
Acting like you just don't care
It's too much too much information
That's too much…

I heard that just the other night
You caused a knock down jealous fight
Over just you being a tease
Like you used to do to me
That's too much too much information
That's too much…

I hear you been telling all my friends
'Bout how you're never coming back again
I know the news is second hand
But it's more than I can stand
It's too much too much information
That's too much

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Running Time 2:50
Performers Billy Burnette (Guitars), Billy Burnette (Lead Vocals), Kenny Vaugh(a)n (Lead Guitar), David/Dave Roe (Acoustic Bass), Ian Wallace (Drums), Bekka Bramlett (Backing Vocals), James/Jimmy Griffin (Backing Vocals), George (M.) Hawkins(, Jr.) (Backing Vocals), Tania Smith (Keyboards), Rafe VanHoy/Van Hoy (Guitars)
Appears On
Are You With Me Baby (2000)
Billy Burnette

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(C) 2000 Beau Billy Music (BMI)/Still Working For The Man Music, Inc. (BMI). All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

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Lyrics contributed by Michele Mategrano.