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The Penguin Discography: Life And Death

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Life And Death
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Billy Burnette, Rafe VanHoy/Van Hoy

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I found your note and that was all she wrote
You might as well just've cut my throat
You said I'm doing this for your own sake
And all of this has been a big mistake
It doesn't matter what you think is best
This is a matter of life and death

You said it hurts me more than it does you
Then why am I turning all these shades of blue
You had me thinkin' it was paradise
All of a sudden it was cold, thin ice
I've fallen under, trying to catch my breath
This is a matter of life and death

You set me up to let me down
You took the love I couldn't live without
Two fatal words "Bye Bye"
Without your love you know I'll surely die

I never begged for anything before
I'm close to knockin'on St. Peter's door
Come on Baby, I'm down on my knees
You know my heart will never rest in peace
Grant me the only with that I have left
This is a matter of life and death


Don't kill the only one alive that loves you the best
This is a matter of life…and…death

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Running Time 2:55
Performers Billy Burnette (Guitars), Billy Burnette (Lead Vocals), Kenny Vaugh(a)n (Lead Guitar), David/Dave Roe (Acoustic Bass), Ian Wallace (Drums), Bekka Bramlett (Backing Vocals), James/Jimmy Griffin (Backing Vocals), George (M.) Hawkins(, Jr.) (Backing Vocals), Tania Smith (Keyboards), Rafe VanHoy/Van Hoy (Guitars)
Appears On
Are You With Me Baby (2000)
Billy Burnette

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(C) 1999 Beau Billy Music (BMI)/Still Working For The Man Music, Inc. (BMI)/Bonedoggy Music (BMI). All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

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Lyrics contributed by Michele Mategrano.