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The Penguin Discography: Tribal Dance

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Tribal Dance
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Peter Green, Michael Dennis Green, Reg(gie) Isadore/Isidore, Snowy (Terence) White

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Date Performance 1979-00-00
Running Time 4:34
Performers Peter Green (Lead Guitar), Reg(gie) Isadore/Isidore (Drums), Pete(r) (Skiving) Bardens (Electric Piano), Lennox Laington (Conga Drums), Snowy (Terence) White (Rhythm Guitar), Kuma Harada (Bass Guitar)
Appears On
Alone With The Blues (2000)
Peter Green
In The Skies (0000)
Peter Green
Last Train To San Antone (0000)
Peter Green
The Clown (2001)
Peter Green
Bandit (0000)
Peter Green
Backtrackin' (0000)
Peter Green
Apostle/Tribal Dance (0000)
Peter Green

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Running Time 5:31
Performers Roger Cotton (Hammond Organ), Roger Cotton (Keyboard), Roger Cotton (Grand Piano), Roger Cotton (Rhythm Guitar), Peter Green (Lead Guitars), Peter Green (Slide Guitars), Peter Green (Rhythm Guitars), Peter Green (Harp (Harmonica)), Pete(r) Stroud (Fretless Bass), Pete(r) Stroud (Fretted Bass), Larry Tolfree (Drums), Larry Tolfree (Congas), Larry Tolfree (Percussion), Nigel (J.) Watson (Lead Guitar), Nigel (J.) Watson (Rhythm Guitar), Nigel (J.) Watson (Mandolin), Malcolm Allison (Strings), Naomi Fairhurst (Strings), Joe Green (Tenor Saxophone), Derek Nash (Tenor Saxophone), Derek Nash (Baritone Saxophone), Kate Shortt (Strings), Guy Theaker (Strings)
Appears On
Destiny Road (1999)
Peter Green Splinter Group

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