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The Penguin Discography: Same Old Blues

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Same Old Blues
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(Willie/William) Don(ald) Nix

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the morning rain it keeps on falling
just like the tear falling from my eye
and yet i see in my room
staring hard at the gloom
is the rain
it's the same
i can't help, i can't help but take care of you
where the sun used to shine at my back door
i maw the clouds and i taunt the rain
and all my laughter's hurting pain
yes, it's the same
the same old
the same old blues
the sun shines, the sun shines
it's all the same
the right rain, it's like a clown to me
and as i see it in my room
staring hard at the gloom
is the rain
it's the same
i stare at the rain
and it's the same
the same old blues
i still know it's the rain
and i said it's the same old blues

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Performance #1:
Running Time 3:45
Performers Peter Green (Vocals), Peter Green (Guitar), Roy Shipston (Keyboards), Dave Mattacks (Drums), Mo Foster (Bass)
CommentsTrad. Arr: P(eter) A. Green
Appears On
Alone With The Blues (2000)
Peter Green
Blues For Dhyana (1998)
Peter Green
Kolors (0000)
Peter Green
Collection (1993)
Peter Green

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