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The Penguin Discography: The Case

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The Case
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Jeff Whittaker

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Running Time 3:40
Performers Jeff Whittaker (Vocal Rapping), Peter Green (Guitars), Vincent Crane (Rodney Cheesman) (Keyboards), Jeff Whittaker (Percussion), Ray(mond) (Edward) Dorset (Guitar), Greg Terry-Short (Drums), Len Surtees (Bass)
Appears On
A Case For The Blues (0000)

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hey, listen, listen
you know
i don't mean to be
i don't mean to be mean
but i'm just asking everybody to just
i want everybody to just
bear with me for one minute
i know you want to have some fun
you know everybody come from their home
and they, they come to do their thing
and i ain't stopping you from doing your thing
i just want to say one thing
if you step out of your door one evening
and you got yours, and you got yourself a case
and you think you took it to a place
and when you get to that place
and when you're settled down to do something
and you look around
and you can't find no case
now tell me, friends, what are you going to do?
no, hold it, hold it, man
i said what are you going to do?
you see this here happened to me today
and i don't mean to take up your time
i just want to tell you my case
now listen to the case, man
you don't have to be so loud
when you don't have to be so smart
i just want to tell you a story
what happened to me today
you see i stepped out my door
i got myself a little square case
i took it in the car
i went down the road
i stopped by my friends
well, i didn't take the case out the car
i went inside
i said, hello, vince
he said, hi
well, he came in the car
we sat down and we talked
we drove up to richmond
well, i didn't know what to do
you say i'm feeling bad
well, i'm feeling bad
you see i got in the house
i'm sure i took out that case
well, i took it upstairs
i asked my friend
i said, hey, man, can i make a phone call?
he said, yeah, you can make a phone call
well, i took out the case
i went in the room
i took out my book
and i look at a number
well, i telephoned my lawyer
and he said, well, it's all right
you don't have to worry
'cause everything is going to be the way you planned it
well, well, i was feeling okay
i put my book in the case
i closed the case
i go downstairs
i look at those two girls who are sitting down by the steps
i said to my friend, well, it's time to go
he said, oh all right, all right, don't say no more
well, i, i took out my case
i will swear to god i took out that case
i went out through the door
i put the case in the car
i said, man, we ain't got much time
we got to go
we got to go
you see, listen
oh shit
well it's been on my mind
it's been a bothering me a long, long time

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