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Life On The Road: The Incredible Rock 'N' Roll Adventures Of Dinky Dawson - Carter AlanStuart (Dinky) Dawson Dinky Dawson & Carter Alan

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Life On The Road: The Incredible Rock 'N' Roll Adventures Of Dinky Dawson (1998) - Carter Alan
Stuart (Dinky) Dawson
Dinky Dawson & Carter Alan

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Joan Baez, Jeff (Geoffrey Arnold) Beck, Fleetwood Mac, B(lues) B(oy) (Riley) King, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Joni Mitchell, Keith Moon, Lou Reed, Steely Dan, The Byrds, The J. Geils Band, The Kinks

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Lindsey Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood, Peter Green, Danny Kirwan, Dave Mason, Christine McVie, John McVie, Stevie Nicks, Jeremy Spencer

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Hector Campbell (Production Manager), Amy Handy (Edited By), Robin Lee Malik (Cover Design By), Mick Fleetwood (Foreword By), Robin Lee Malik (Book Design), Amanda M. Dawson (Dinky Dawson Photo By), Leo Gozbekian (Carter Alan Photo By), Bob Nirkind (Senior Editor)

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Billboard Books

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An outrageous, rollicking ride through the 60's and 70's music scene - from Fleetwood Mac, The Kinks & Jeff Beck, to Steely Dan, The Byrds & Joni Mitchell - with one of rock's most sought-after audio engineers

Life On The Road captures the excitement, experimentation, and enthusiasm of rock's most explosive era. In this unforgettable memoir, Stuart (Dinky) Dawson takes us on the road with such rock and roll legends as the original Fleetwood Mac, The Byrds, Steely Dan, the Kinks, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, Lou Reed, the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Jeff Beck, B.B. King, and the J. Geils Band, among other stellar musical artists.

Offering rare, personal, and often insightful glimpses into the unruly reality of life on the road, Dinky provides behind-the-scene views of such after-hours escapades as Fleetwood Mac's introduction to America by the Hell's Angels, as well as their involvement in the notorious Grateful Dead drug bust in New Orleans; life lived helter skelter in Los Angeles with Terry Melcher and The Byrds during the Charlie Manson murders; drawing extra amps from the electric chair at Sing Sing Prison for a Joan Baez concert; and traveling and recording with Lou Reed during the drug-fueled days of Berlin and Rock and Roll Animal.

Dinky Dawson, born in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, England, has lived a life dedicated to music. His accomplishments in the field of sound are legendary. Over the years he has been an audio engineer and a guest lecturer at Berklee College of Music and writer for Mix Magazine and Musician.

Carter Alan is the Assistant Program Director and mid-day announcer at WZLX-FM in Boston, and has won Billbord's prestigious national award for Music Director of the Year on four occasions. He has written for The Boston Globe, Music Paper of New York, Album Network, and Vermont Times and is also the author of 1992's Outside is America: U2 in the U.S. and its 1997 update U2: The Road to Pop.

"It was the best of times. It was the worst of times...hell, it was the seventies. Dinky remembers it all, the highs and the lows...what a guy" - Walter Becker (Steely Dan)

"This book is great. It brings back memories of things long forgotten and tells me things I never knew even though I was there. Now I remember the smell of the Rainbow. Thanks." - Denny Dias (Steely Dan)

"Dinky recalls a period when most of us who were there don't even remember we were there." - Peter Wolf (J.Geils Band)

"Remembering is one thing. Bringing back sordid and lurid tales of riotous, drug induced sexual escapades is quiet another! Where are they?" - John McVie (Fleetwood Mac)

Copyright 1998 by Dinky Dawson and Carter Alan

First published 1998 by Billboard Books, an imprint of Watson-Guptill Publications, a division of Billboard Productions, Inc.
1515 Broadway
New York, NY 10036

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data for this title can be obtained from the Library of Congress.

Manufactured in the United States of America

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$19.95 USA

9 78 2 51995

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The Foreword was written by Mick Fleetwood. The first four acknowledgements go to Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, Peter Green, and Clifford Adams (manager of Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac). There are five chapters devoted to Fleetwood Mac which are very funny. This book is a must for fans of the Peter Green/Mick Fleetwood/John McVie/Jeremy Spencer/Danny Kirwan line up of Fleetwood Mac

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