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Adventures In Wild California - Documentary Film

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Adventures In Wild California (2001) - Documentary Film

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Susan Campbell, Jeff Clark, Roy Edward Disney, Troy Hartman, Bryan Iguchi, Cory Lloyd, Stephen C. Sillett

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Go Your Own WayLyrics availableFan interpretation available Tabs available
  Date Performance: 2000
  Comments: Performed by Lindsey Buckingham (Courtesy Of Warner Bros. Records)
The Right Place To Fade
  Date Performance: 2000
  Comments: Performed by Lindsey Buckingham (Courtesy Of Reprise Records) Often billed as "Twist Of Fate".
Steal Your Heart AwayLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1997
  Comments: Performed by Lindsey Buckingham (Courtesy Of Reprise Records)
Splish Splash
  Date Performance: 2000
  Comments: Performed by Mike Finnigan
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Lindsey Buckingham, Mike Finnigan, Jimmy Smits

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Lindsey Buckingham (Songwriter), Lindsey Buckingham (Songwriter), Bobby Darin (Songwriter), Jean Murray (Songwriter), Jan Baird (Executive Producer), Bob Kresser (Executive Producer), Ryan Kresser (Executive Producer), Billy Barber (Production Assistant), Wyc Cummings (Production Assistant), Alex Waite (Production Assistant), Nancy Finley (Research), Soo Jin Yoon (Makeup), Greg MacGillivray (Directed By), Greg MacGillivray (Director Of Photography), Brad Ohlund (Director Of Photography), Scotti Guinn (Production Coordinator), Mark Krenzien (Produced By), Alec Lorimore (Produced By), Greg MacGillivray (Produced By), Durinda Wood/Rice Wood (Wardrobe), Soo Jin Yoon (Hair), Cris Andrei (Production Manager), Thomas Conroy (Production Manager), Jim Foster (Edited By), Michael Graber (Additional Photography), Robbie Huntoon (Additional Photography), Joe Jennings (Additional Photography), Mike Peralta (Additional Photography), Bill Reeve (Additional Photography), Jack Tankard (Additional Photography), B.J. Worth (Additional Photography), Werner Braun (Rigger), Bill Reeve (Rigger), Jim Surette (Rigger), Earl Wiggins (Rigger), Ryan Mullins (DVD Producer), Daniel May (Music By), Steve Wood (Music By), Westwood One (Mobile Recording By), Jan Baird (Making Of Executive Producer), John Dietsch (Making Of Executive Producer), Bob Kresser (Making Of Executive Producer), Caroline Beteta (In Collaboration With Executive Producer), Mark Krenzien (Written By), John Dietsch (Making Of Camera), Mark Krenzien (Making Of Camera), Peter Levermann (Making Of Camera), Brad Ohlund (Making Of Camera), Daniel May (Original Score By), Steve Wood (Original Score By), Castle Creek Productions (TMOAIWC Produced By), The State Of California (Program Content), The State Of California (Program Artwork), Image Entertainment, Inc. (DVD Package Design), Image Entertainment, Inc. (DVD Packaging), Joe Jennings (Making Of Additional Footage), Eric Nelson (Making Of Additional Footage), Werner Braun (Grip), Bill Reeve (Grip), Jim Surette (Grip), Earl Wiggins (Grip), Jeff Mart (Steadicam), Rick Tiedeman (Steadicam), John Anderson (Camera Assistant), Eric Anderson (Camera Assistant), Chris Blum (Camera Assistant), Mike Kirsch (Camera Assistant), Morgan Ohlund (Camera Assistant), Josh Salzman (Camera Assistant), Debbie Fogel (Controller), Scotti Guinn (Making Of Production Coordinator), Dan Dickman (Location Manager), Ron Goodman (Spacecam Aerial Photography), Andy Sych (Spacecam Assistant), Cliff Fleming (Helicopter Pilot), Jim Gavon (Helicopter Pilot), Harry O'Connor (Skysurfing Coordinator), Jim Hayes (Props), Ken Wilson (Props), The Motion Picture Bond Company Inc. (Completion Bond By), Lane Hancock (Production Financing Provided By), Matthew/Matz Müller (Post Production Coordinator), Christopher Baird (Assistant Editor), Jeffrey L. Jamison (Assistant Editor), Andrew Loschin (Assistant Editor), Robert Walker (Assistant Editor), Imagica USA, Inc. (65MM/15P Opticals), Imagica USA, Inc. (65MM/15P Titles), Vince Roth (Computer Graphic Imagery), D(avid) K(eighley) P(roductions) 70MM Inc. (Digital Rendering), D(avid) K(eighley) P(roductions) 70MM Inc. (Digital Recording), Paul Curtis (Sound Effects Editing), Andrew Dicristofaro (Sound Effects Editing), Anne Scibelli (Sound Effects Editing), Marshall Garlington (Sound Mixing), Ken Teaney (Sound Mixing), Mel Bucholz (Post Production Consultant), Ralph Milliken (Post Production Consultant), Scott Price (Post Production Consultant), Ron Wengler (Timed By), Consolidated Film Industries (Color By), Claude Carmichael (Musical Consultant), John Dietsch (Making Of Producer), John Dietsch (Making Of Director), John Dietsch (Making Of Writer), Peter Levermann (Making Of Writer), Peter Levermann (Making Of Associate Producer), Libby Myers (Making Of Associate Producer), Valentina Ganeva (Making Of Editor), Stu Goldberg (Making Of Music), Mark Lewis (Making Of Music), Karl Preusser (Making Of Music), Andrew Firchau (Making Of Assistant Editor), Dennis Lofgren (Footage From Travel Channel's WC Drctd)

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Image Entertainment

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42:00 (Feature)

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Originally Crested for Exhibition in IMAX (R) Theatres

MacGillivray Freeman's Adventures In Wild California

Narrated by Jimmy Smits

Featuring Music By Lindsey Buckingham

ADVENTURES IN WILD CALIFORNIA will send you careening down an icy, steep mountain face with snowboarders; twirling on thermals above the clouds with skysurfers; swimming through the oceans with otters and their surrogate human mother; excavating the very heart of a thirty-story-tall Giant Sequoia with botanists and emerging from under the spray of one of the world's biggest surfable waves. The heart-pounding imagery recreates an experience of California's farthest edges that few will ever know first-hand.

From the team that brought you EVEREST, MacGillivray Freeman Films and K2 Communications, ADVENTURES IN WILD CALIFORNIA is at once a celebration of California's wild nature and a call to preserve and protect its wild places for future generations of adventurers.

Ever wonder "how did they do that?" The Making of Adventures in Wild California gives a firsthand look at the dedication of the filmmakers who spared no effort in capturing the "extreme" spirit of California's heroes.

To learn more about the film, visit our website at

MacGillivray Freeman Films, Laguna Beach, California

The producers wish to thank the following for their contributions:
American Express - Founded 1850
Airtouch Foundation
California Ski Industry Assoc.
California Tourism
Custom Marketing Group
Disneyland Resort
Robert Mondavi Corporation
Southern California Edison - on behalf od - TeamCalifornia
United Airlines

Convention & Visitors Beaureaus of:
Long Beach
Los Angeles
Palm Springs Desert Resorts
San Diego
San Francisco
San Jose

And Regional Media Partners:
Initiative Media
Los Angeles Times
Meredith Publishing
San Francisco Cronicle
Sacramento Bee
Sunset Magazine

...and for their kind participation as well:
Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences
Airlift Construction
Patti Archuletta
Jim Garber
Golden Gate Bridge Highway And Transportation Dist.
Institue For Wildlife Studies
Lon Hatamiya
Heavenly Ski Area
Kramer Junction Co.
Mering & Associates
Monterey Bay Aquarium
National Parks Service
Pala Indian Reservation
Bob Roberts
Santa Catalina Island Conservancy
Squaw Valley Ski Area
Susan Wilcox

Archival Material Coutesy Of:
Archive Films
Bancroft Library, U.C. Berkeley
The California History Room, Ca. State Library, Sacramento, California
Dept. Of Library Services, American Museum Of Natural History
H. Tom Hall/National Geographic Image Collection
Pay Hathaway Photo Collection
Matthew R. Isenburg Collection
John Muir Papers, Holt-Atherton Dept. Of Special Collections, U. Of The Pacific Libraries, Copyright 1984 Muir-Hanna Trust
Producers Library Services
The Yosemite Museum, Yosemite Nat'l. Park

Making Of Credits:

Very Special Thanks to:
Greg MacGillivray
Harrison Smith
Alec Lorimore
Ryan Mullins
Mark Krenzien
Ron Nelson
Martin Pitts
Kip Wood
Jeff Jamison
Shelly Stocking
Dan Kaminsky

DVD Package Design:

IMAX is a registered trademark of IMAX Corporation, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Dolby and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation.

DTS Digital Surround TV playback requires the use of a DTS decoder.

• The Making of Adventures in Wild California
• Widescreen (16x9) and Full-Frame (4x3) Versions on Same Disc


Feature: 42 Mins.
"Making Of": 24 Mins. (Produced by Castle Creek Productions In Asscoation With K2 Communications)

1. Sky Surfing
2. Walt Disney
3. Snow Sports
4. Giant Sequoia
5. Golden Gate
6. Extreme Surfing
7. Sea Otters
8. Eagle Rescue

Program Content and Artwork:
(C) MM The State Of California.

All Rights Reserved including the right to reproduce this film in whole or in part

Big Picture DVD Production

DVD Packaging:
Distribution Exclusively By
Image Entertainment, Inc. (R)

Dolby Digital (R)
English 5.1
French 5.1
Spanish 5.1

DTS Digital Surround
English 5.1

Captioned for the hearing-impared


Wells Fargo

K2 Communications, El Segundo, CA

Store under cool, dry conditions.

Dual Layer Format: Layer transition may trigger a slight pause.

Warning: The Program contained in this DVD is authorized for private home use only. All other rights are retained by the copyright proprietor. The FBI investigates allagations of copyright infringment, and federal law provides severe criminal and civil penalties for those found to be in violation. Made in U.S.A.

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Lindsey Buckingham is featured very prominently in the IMAX movie, Wild California. The theme of this movie is about California's incredibly varied ecology, and the idea of the adventurous, unique, visionary spirit brought out in the people of California's past, present and future. There are many scenes of sky surfing, standard surfing, Yosemite National Park, Golden Gate Bridge, Los Angeles, and so on. Lindsey has three songs in the 50 minute movie-- "Go Your Own Way," "Steal Your Heart Away," and a NEW song. Two versions of GYOW are played; the version during the opening and closing credits sounds similar to the live OOTC band version while the one played during the movie is softer, sweeter, very accoustic, flutey, and sounds Celtic. SYHA was played twice, once almost in its entirety; Lindsey's voice sounds higher than the version included on the Best Buy CD. The new song was played for about 25-30 seconds over some snowboarding scenes; "very modern, upbeat, bright, lots of acoustic strumming, very high energy -- very Lindsey"; this song was called "Twist of Fate".

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