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Peter Green Splinter Group - Peter Green Splinter Group

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Peter Green Splinter Group (1997) - Peter Green Splinter Group

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Spike (Lips O'Gonaghen) Edney, Peter Green, Neil Murray, Cozy Powell (Colin Flooks), Nigel (J.) Watson

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Regular Album Tracklisting:
Hitch Hiking WomanLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1996-12-00, Running Time: 3:45
  Comments: New Studio Recording.
Travelling Riverside Blues
  Date Performance: 1996-12-00, Running Time: 3:25
  Comments: Trad. arr Watson New Studio Recording.
Look On Yonder WallLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1996-12-00, Running Time: 6:26
  Comments: Live Recording - UK Tour
HomeworkLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1996-12-00, Running Time: 3:56
  Comments: Live Recording - UK Tour
The StumbleInstrumental
  Date Performance: 1996-12-00, Running Time: 4:22
  Comments: Live Recording - UK Tour
Help MeLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1996-12-00, Running Time: 5:47
  Comments: Live Recording - UK Tour
Watch Your StepLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1996-12-00, Running Time: 3:51
  Comments: Live Recording - UK Tour
From Four Until Late
  Date Performance: 1996-12-00, Running Time: 2:55
  Comments: Billed as "From 4' Till Late" Trad. arr Watson. Live Recording - UK Tour
I'm A Steady Rollin' Man
  Date Performance: 1996-12-00, Running Time: 3:41
  Comments: Billed as "Steady Rollin' Man" Trad. arr Watson. Live Recording - UK Tour
It Takes TimeLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1996-12-00, Running Time: 5:06
  Comments: Live Recording - UK Tour
Dark End Of The StreetLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1996-12-00, Running Time: 3:59
  Comments: Live Recording - UK Tour
Goin' DownLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1996-12-00, Running Time: 7:42
  Comments: Billed as "Going Down". Live Recording - UK Tour

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Japanese Issue Bonus Track:
The Green Manalishi (With The Two Pronged Crown)Lyrics available
  Date Performance: 1996-12-00, Running Time: 5:22
  Comments: Billed as "Green Manalishi". Live Recording - UK Tour
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Import Vinyl/CD Album

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Robin Black (Engineer), Ian Dyekhoff (Engineer), Tim Summerhayes (Engineer), Howard Menzies (Tour Manager), Black Ace (Babe Turner) (Songwriter), Dave Clark (Songwriter), Peter Green (Songwriter), Peter Green (Songwriter), Elmore James (Songwriter), Robert Johnson (Songwriter), Freddie/Freddy King (Songwriter), Chips Moman (Songwriter), (Willie/William) Don(ald) Nix (Songwriter), Bobby Parker (Songwriter), Dan Penn (Songwriter), Al(berta) Perkins (Songwriter), Otis Rush (Songwriter), Marshall E. Sehorn (Songwriter), Sonny (Alfonso) Thompson (Songwriter), Sonny Boy (Aleck Ford Rice) Williamson (Willie) (Miller) (Songwriter), Steve Wallington (Guitar Technician), (Jet) Martin Celmins (Liner Notes), Mich(elle) Reynolds (Management), Stuart Taylor (Management), Spike (Lips O'Gonaghen) Edney (Remixed By), Spike (Lips O'Gonaghen) Edney (Remixed By), Spot On (Design By), Tim Ramage (Monitors), Howard Menzies (Out Front Sound), David Bailey (Backline), Will Riley (PGSG Blue Note Logo Created By)

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Artisian/Snapper Music/Loudwoof/Nippon Crown

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SARCD101 (Artisian/Snapper) CRCL-4024 (Loudwoof/Nippon Crown)

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Recorded on: Fleetwood Mobile

Mixed at: Blackbarn Studios

The Story, So Far, of the Splinter Group with Peter Green

Ever since Peter Green chose a musicians life without the hassle of fame as the original Fleetwood Mac's visionary leader and hit-maker, rarely has the music world stopped talking about the man, his ideas, and rich legacy of music. Which goes some way to explaining why even twenty-five years later in 1996, and just ahead of Peter's long-overdue return to performing, MOJO magazine voted him one of the top three guitarists of all time - along with Jimi Hendrix and Steve Cropper.

But Peter himself would be the first to shrug off this and other accolades focusing on his legendary past and instead insist on sticking to the present the music that he plays together with Nigel Watson (gtr), Neil Murray (bs), Cozy Powell (dms) and Spike Edney (kbds) - The Splinter Group with Peter Green.

This album marks the culmination of The Splinter Group's 1996 European Tour. When the Fleetwood Mobile studio rolled into town and recorded four UK concerts in December, the band had honed its sound throughout a crowded schedule of well over 50 gigs in the second half of the year. These took place in Britain, Ireland, Switzerland, Italy, Norway, Germany and Poland, very early on in mid-August, came the band's well received showcase headlining the Guildford Folk and Blues Festival before a crowd of 6,000.

From intimate and smoky blues clubs, to cavernous concert halls, to anphitheatres - entries in the diary of this band include every type of venue. Notably there were four sell-out nights in the acutely attentive jazz club ambience of Ronnie Scott's in Birmingham, three sweaty nights at South Shields' renowned Cellar Club... packed to the rafters with Geordies determined not to go home until they got another encore. The band have enjoyed Italianate splendour performing outdoors in Pistoia's city square, then there were wild scenes in the aisles when they played the Warsaw Concert Hall... and even wilder post-gig party scenes, where stunning Polish table dancers stripped down any remaining East/West cultural barriers with some... em.. In-your-face body language.

But because this album took shape on the road it's not only a product of good times, adoring audiences and first rate pro performances - it's also about getting through the bad times and coming out the other end a bit bruised and battered with your humour still intact. Last autumn, weeks at a time were spent on motorways, autobahns and in air corridors not surprisingly took it's toll: waking up with the flu again; near misses on car journeys, driving against the clock to the sound-check for that night's gig. And then arriving only to discover that the house monitors system is down... at times, these were the blues facing the band, management and crew.

Unquestionably though, The Splinter Group were fit and everything was in perfect working order when these 10 live cuts were recorded in December at Wolverhampton, Cambridge and the Shepherds Bush Empire, London. Amongst them are 1930's country blues by Robert Johnson; more modern 1950/60's classics by Otis Rush, Sonny Boy Williamson and Freddie King.

This album in essence is all about a group of versatile musicians clubbing their talents together and focussing on the blues: before Whitesnake, bass player Neil Murray started out as a drummer and then played bass in various 1970's jazz-rock outfits, keyboardst Spike Edney, alongside his Bob Geldof and Queen credentials, played trombome in Dexy's Midnight Runners, guitarist Nigel Watson toured with a pre-Rumours line up of Fleetwood Mac, playing congas, and collaborated with Peter Green in the early 1970s. Cozy Powell? Well, as a drummer he'd done an awful lot by his mid-twenties, notably with Jeff Beck and Mickie Most's RAK label, and so after his worldwide smash 'Dance With a Devil' in 1974, for a while he became a successful Formula Three racing driver instead. Session work and many tours notably with Brian May, Whitesnake and Black Sabbath - have kept him off the racetrack and on the road ever since.

But without for a moment detracting from the group as a unit, for many people the theme underpinning this album's release is Peter Green's return to the music business after a twelve-year uneasy silence. As he walked out on stage at the Alexis Korner Memorial Concert in Buxton in May 1996, the 2000 strong crowd welcomed him back with a two-minute standing ovation - before a note was played. Then in Norway, as Peter and band boogied into Freddie King's 'The Stumble' - his calling card from the John Mayall days - some of the audience began to cry tears of joy. Why? Well, let's not forget that only a couple of years ago all that is happening now seemed out of the question. Forever.

Yet inevitable comparisons were soon being made with young Green in the 1960s. So-called smart money in the business was surprisingly quick to criticise. After hearing this album, perhaps these hasty sceptics will take the time to reconsider.

Listen now to the wordliness and soul of Peter's vocals on Robert Johnson's 'Travelling Riverside Blues' - recorded in the studio along with 'Hitch Hiking Woman'. It was Chicago pianist Eddie Boyd who back in 1967 remarked that Peter was "Like a negro turned inside out". What was presumably a light-hearted quip made by Boyd back then, now rings almost hauntingly true: Peter's voice doesn't just imitate a black singers timbre...somehow it's as though he is black.

'Dark End Of The Street' switches the limelight to Nigel Watson in a performance which captures his forceful presence on stage, whilst 'Steady Rollin' Man' highlights Green's melodic blues, harmonica and the close interplay between him and Watson.

Finally, if then-and-now comparisons must be made, dig out the guitar-gunslinger version of 'Homework' recorded in 1969 by Peter with Fleetwood Mac at Chicago's Chess studios. Keeping an open mind free from rose-tinted nostalgia - no easy thing in itself - now compare it to the subtle rhythms of the 1996 version created by Powell, Murray and Edney, over which Green and Watson solo on vocals and lead guitar.

Having done so, perhaps you will agree that there is no one single vintage Peter Green... There is the latest vintage. And the next.

Martin Celmins 4.3.97

Special thanks to:
Steve Parker, Sue Watson at M.P.I. James Rubinstein, Cathy Fehler, Phillip Loveday, Julia and Sarah at Trice + Co, Phillip Goodman, Jon Beecher, Dougie Dudgeon, Nicola O'Donegan at Snapper

Misty Music Management
Michelle Reynolds - Stuart Taylor
Fax: 01767 650100 - 0181 657 4006

Design by Al @ Spot On

(P) (C) 1997 Snapper Music

Artisian Recordings/Loudwoof, A Snapper Music Label


Digital Recording

Compact Disc Digital Audio

All rights of the manufacturer and of the owner of the recorded work reserved. Unauthorized public performance, broadcasting and copying of this record prohibited.

Japan Issue Notes:

Nippon Crown Co. Ltd.
Tokyo, Japan

Made in Japan

97-9-26 Y X 99.925


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Great energy on the classics helps the comeback effort
Review written by John Fitzgerald, May 31st, 2005

Peter's 90's comeback is with mixed results but there's some great run throughs here to recommend this set like the always great Otis Rush classic "Homework", Green's entertaining reworking of Freddie King's "The stumble" which you may remember him doing with John Mayall on the "A hard road" album and the best part is the closer which is a energy ridden version of the nugget "Going down". This is an unusual live set in that it starts off with two studio recordings which are Robert Johnson covers "Hitch hiking woman" & "Traveling riverside blues". Many of the guitar solos are not by Peter but by Nigel Watson as are some of the lead vocals but you can still hear some great Greenisms here if you listen close and with some of the earlier favorites mentioned, I can safely say that this is one of the better places to start on investigating Peter's new Splinter group

Tremendous comeback album from Peter Green
Review written by Kent Mac, May 31st, 2005

I'm so glad to see that Peter Green has made his comeback in such a spectacular fashion. This is a live album, with the exception of the first two tracks which were done in a studio. I say "comeback" because it had been about 10 years since Peter had last been in a recording studio ---- ( not 20 years or more as I've seen it reported elsewhere ). This album marks the beginning of a very prolific period for Peter in his new band "Peter Green Splinter Group". They will subsequently release 8 albums through February of 2003, two of these being limited edition releases. On to the album at hand: Peter's singing is now a bit more raspy than years before, but he still has a very appealing singing voice. His guitar playing is somewhat more restrained than in his Fleetwood Mac days, but his expressiveness and unique ability to coax just the right notes out of his axe is awesome and beautiful!! He does an new version of "The Stumble" which he first did in the John Mayall band many years ago, his guitar tone has a softer tone, and there are several blues chestnuts on this album "Look on Yonder Wall"--- "Homework" --"It Takes Time"--- as well as an astonishing version of the Don Nix gem "Going Down". This album marks the beginning of a very fruitful and great partnership with fellow guitarist and vocalist Nigel Watson. Nigel sing lead vocals on Dark End of the Street, he is a very soulful singer, and a fine guitarist to boot. Nigel played a big part in coaxing Peter out of his retirement, and brought him back where he belongs---- with a guitar in hand, and a song in his heart!!! God bless Nigel Watson!! In general the album has a bluesey and strong R&B flavor. The playing is uniformly excellent and inspiring. Even though this is a live album, the sound quality is superb. To round out your purchases of recent Peter Green Splinter group recordings I would also highly reccommend the new album "Reaching the Cold 100" a 2003 release that is outstanding, and "Destiny Road" from 1999 --- another fine album that confirms Peter and the boys are amongst the finest musical acts around. His other albums are worth purchasing also-- the two Robert Johnson tribute albums are nice although I prefer his "electric" as opposed to acoustic material. If you can get your hands on the limited edition album "Blues Dont Change", you'll be greatly rewarded--- it's a album of blues standards available on the Peter Green website. I guess you can tell I'm a Peter Green fan, it's so nice to have him back, and he is truly a modest man and I'm glad he has been inducted into the Rock n Roll hall of fame---- he deserves it --- check him out --- you'll be glad you did!!

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