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SAS Band (2000) - SAS Band

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Andy Bush, Spike (Lips O'Gonaghen) Edney, Steve (Hook Horns) Hamilton, John(ny) Marter, Jamie (Mr. Bassman) Moses, Zoe (Fabba) Nicholas, Steve Stroud, Susie Webb

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You're The Voice
  Date Performance: 1997, Running Time: 4:45
  Comments: First covered in 1986 by John Farnham - here's the writer's version. Thanks to the choir: you know who you are.
The Name Of The Game
  Date Performance: 1997, Running Time: 4:49
  Comments: Original release - ABBA 1977 Fantastic song. I couldn't resist the idea of dismantling something so sweet and innocent as an ABBA tune, then giving it the 'treatment' a la Vanilla Fudge. This song is unique because in it's original form, it follows the A/B/C/D format (four different musical sections) and then repeats. Most pop songs don't do this. (trust me!)
Baby You're A Rich Man
  Date Performance: 1997, Running Time: 5:55
  Comments: Original release - B side of 'All You Need Is Love' 1967. We heard Jamie's four track demo and just had to do it. He sang the guide vocal. Then we got the jam/ambient thing at the end going. Pure muso excess. Then Robin suggested his old mate Ian Anderson (courtesy of Chrysalis/EMI) should do a bit of flute. Then chappo joined the chorus. Then I bunged some chiched psychodelia nonsense all over it. Et Voila! An overwrought mangled up Beatles classic!
Sail On Sailor
  Date Performance: 1997, Running Time: 4:55
  Comments: Original release - the Beach Boys 'Holland' album. Jamie's suggestion. Its a song that everybody's forgotten about. Melvyn's luxurious pedal steel and dobro plus the Beach Boys backing vocals make this a must for a campfire sing song.
Dirty Mind
  Date Performance: 1997, Running Time: 4:02
  Comments: Originally by 'The Cross'. This version, which I call 'the composer cut' contains the original 'uncensored' lyrics. Chris sang this at the first ever SAS gig, and blew the roof off!
Didn't I Blow Your Mind
  Date Performance: 1997, Running Time: 3:49
  Comments: Backing vocals 'the elderly brothers' Original - The Delfonics - circa 1970. I was dumped to this in the early seventies. Now she has two kids and lives in Detroit, but it's cool........... I'm over it.
Original Sin
  Date Performance: 1995-06-00, Running Time: 4:13
  Comments: The first song we wrote together and the first track recorded way back in June 95 (gasp!). A mongrel of a song (a bit like the band really) spot the many influences.
  Date Performance: 1997, Running Time: 4:43
  Comments: Miss Madelines performance transforms this unassuming little song into a thing of beauty. The film soundtrack in the middle allows me to exercise my mid 60's Ray Conniff/Burt Bacharach fetish.
Once More
  Date Performance: 1997, Running Time: 4:10
  Comments: A Jamie Moses song. The original demo sounded like it was recorded inside a balaclava.
Hey Jealousy
  Date Performance: 1997, Running Time: 4:17
  Comments: Original by 'The Gin Blossoms' circa 1992. Tony's suggestion. It's great to hear him sing a rock tune for a change.
  Date Performance: 1997, Running Time: 3:51
  Comments: Stroudies tune. We liked this song because the rhythm track reminded us of a cross between Bonnie Raitt and XTC.
That's The Way God Planned It
  Date Performance: 1997, Running Time: 4:11
  Comments: Originally by Billy Preston - circa 1969. The original had lots of guests on it - Lennon, Clapton, Ginger Baker. So I decided to carry on the tradition. Gospel meets stadium rock. The proceeds from this song will be donated to 'The Rainbow Trust'. I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks to all the artists involved for their time, talent and trouble.
For You
  Date Performance: 1997, Running Time: 3:59
  Comments: Featuring The Covent Garden String Quartet. Chris's vocal tour de force rises triumphantly above my self indulgent string arrangment.
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Ian Anderson, Madel(e)ine Bell, Roger Chapman, Richard Cottle, Alan Darby, John Deacon, Kiki Dee (Pauline Matthews), Melvyn (The Wonderhorse) Duffy, Andy Duncan, Peter Green, Tony Hadley, Helen McGrath, Charlie/Chuck Morgan, Neil Murray, Cozy Powell (Colin Flooks), Jess Roden, Mark Shaw, Pete(r) Stroud, Roger (Meddows) Taylor, The Covent Garden String Quartet, Chris Thompson, Stevie Vann

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Tandyn Almer (Songwriter), Stig Erik Leopold Anderson (Songwriter), Benny Andersson (Songwriter), Benny Andersson (Songwriter), Thom(as) (Randolph) Bell (Songwriter), Spike (Lips O'Gonaghen) Edney (Songwriter), Spike (Lips O'Gonaghen) Edney (Songwriter), Billy/William Hart (Songwriter), Billy/William Hart (Songwriter), Doug Hopkins (Songwriter), Doug Hopkins (Songwriter), Ray(mond) (Louis) Kennedy (Songwriter), John (Winston/Ono) Lennon(, MBE) (Songwriter), John (Winston/Ono) Lennon(, MBE) (Songwriter), Paul (James) McCartney (Songwriter), Paul (James) McCartney (Songwriter), Jamie (Mr. Bassman) Moses (Songwriter), Jamie (Mr. Bassman) Moses (Songwriter), Van Dyke Parks (Songwriter), Billy (William Everett) Preston (Vasilisa) (Songwriter), Andy Qunta (Songwriter), Keith Reid (Songwriter), Jack Rieley (Songwriter), Maggie Ryder (Songwriter), Bruce Springsteen (Songwriter), Bruce Springsteen (Songwriter), Steve Stroud (Songwriter), Steve Stroud (Songwriter), Chris Thompson (Songwriter), Björn Ulvaeus (Songwriter), Björn Ulvaeus (Songwriter), Brian Wilson (Songwriter), Brian Wilson (Songwriter), Ben Cape (Programming), Charlie/Chuck Morgan (Programming), Stuart Campbell (Assistant Engineer), Dino Crathern (Assistant Engineer), Sasha Jankovic (Assistant Engineer), Andrew Brel (Executive Producer), Robin Black (Produced By), Spike (Lips O'Gonaghen) Edney (Produced By), Spike (Lips O'Gonaghen) Edney (Produced By), Robin Black (Recorded By), Robin Black (Mixed By), Simon Heyworth (Mastered By), Stuart Catterson (Artwork), John Lingwood (Drum Programming), Charlie/Chuck Morgan (Drum Programming), Spike (Lips O'Gonaghen) Edney (Orchestral Arrangement), Spike (Lips O'Gonaghen) Edney (Orchestral Arrangement)

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Bridge Recordings

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Recorded at Black Barn Studios, Ripley, between January 1995 and April 1997 mixed at Black Barn and The Mill.

Mastered at Chop Em Out

The SAS Story ..... maximum fun, minimal grief!!

The SAS Band is a musicians social club. A place where great singers and players come to display their talent and have fun.

The first gig (Gosport Festival 1994) proved that this was for more than a mere jam session. When someone suggested we make a record, I was horrified. Trying to get so many different people to agree to record together seemed like an impossible mountain to climb. Surprise surprise - they did agree, and over the period of two years we put this album together, like a giant jigsaw puzzle. Some artists posted us their contributions from all over the world. The finished result has surprised us all. There were no ego conflicts, no vows, and no stabbings. Just some great music. In fact we enjoyed it so much, we're already choosing songs for the next album .... !!!!

Spike says "everything is everything and most things are BOLLOCKS"

SAS Band - featuring
Chris Thompson
Madeline Bell
Tony Hadley
Roger Chapman
Ian Anderson
Roger Taylor
John Deacon
Kiki Dee
Mark Shaw
Jess Roden
Stevie Vann
Peter Green
Jamie Moses
Steve Stroud
Neil Murray
Cozy Powell
Charlie Morgan
John Marter
Andy Duncan
Melvyn Duffy
Hook Horns
Covent Garden String Quartet
and Spike Edney

Those who have also served.....................Keith Airey, Drew Barfield, Steve Barnacle, Jimmy Barnes, Luz Casals, Ian Duck, Andy Fairweather Lowe (sic), Dean Friedman, Fish, Graham Gouldman, Haddaway, Si Himan, Vera Kaa, Chaka Khan, Paul King, Steve Lukather, Brian May, Phil Manzanera, Clayton Moss, Mica Paris, Catherine Porter, P.J. Proby, Tom Robinson, Paul Rodgers, Mike Rutherford, Sina, Edwin Starr, Curtis Stigers, Southside Johnny, Miriam Stockley, Daley Thompson, Judie Tzuke, Karl Wallinger, Johnny Warman, John Whetton (sic), Laurie Wisefield, Roy Wood, Paul Young & Paul Young (Mike & The Mechnics)

Thode without whom.......... Josh McCrae, Martin Groves, Sally Gallagher (Mill Studios), our crew....Streaky, Bevo, Simon Hart, Dave Edmonds, Steve Prior, Des Jobir, Steve Rispin, Mr. Bill, Dell, Tony Bateman, Arfur, the lovely Kim, Blakey, Phil Rhodes, Sally Money & Jill Guestlist.... Gigi, Tiffany Lacey (calligraphy), Amanda Rose, Nigel Watson, Roger Furrer, Horst Zwipp, Joe Casella, Mike Kaufman, Tim Van Someren, Barrie Guard & the SAS fans for the photos.

With special thanks to: .....Ian Anderson, Roger Taylor, Diana Graham, John Lingwood, Ben Cape, Nigel @ Matrix Studios & Robin Black for labour and love beyond the call of duty.

(C) Bridge Recordings 1997

Write to Bridge Recordings @
7 Riverbank
Hampton Court

E Mail:


All rights reserved. Unauthorised duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

Compact Disc Digital Audio

4 0 702 425329

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A nice pop rock addition to the Green cannon
Review written by John Fitzgerald, May 17th, 2005

I'm probably a little biased here as I think Chris Thompson is a very underrated vocalist. Though on the outside it may seem ready made for stadium rock it doesn't suffer the facelessness or banality of such a genere. If you've heard Chris' band Night from around '79 covering Walter Egan's "Hot summer nights" you'll know what I mean I'm sure! He handles lead vocals on all but 3 songs very effectively and two others are sung with others, the also often unnoticed Madeline Bell on "Didn't I blow your mind" and the song on
which Peter is listed as one of two guitarists, "That's the way God planned it" which has an uplifting Gospel feel to it though it's very hard to distinguish "Peter involvement" on it at all. Still a nice high point on the album and one of the essential less rocking tunes as this album for the most part crunches along with some spirited run throughs of well known
numbers with highlights such as a rockiling version of ABBA's "The name of the game", the Gin Blossoms' "Hey jealousy" (on which Tony Hadley does the lead vocal work) and a great rendition of The Beach Boys' nugget "Sail on sailor". The best Thompson moments are the opener "You're the voice" (which his voice was made for and it's great to hear it done by the writer (co-written by Thompson) for once as his song has been better known by acts like John Farnham and Heart to name a few) and the closer, Springsteen's "For you" which of course is a staple of Chris' now since covering it so masterfully with Manfred Mann's Earth Band. The other two songs on which the up front mic is used by another vocalist are "Dreamworld" sung by Madeline Bell and "Baby you're a rich man" sung by Jamie Moses. All in all, Spike Edney (from the Splinter Group) has put together a colorful ensemble of guest musicians (including the late Cozy Powell & Neil Murray also previously from the Splinter Group, Family's Roger Chapman, Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson, Queen's Roger Taylor & John Deacon and Kiki Dee (of "I've got the music in me" & "Don't go breaking my heart" fame) among many others) to play some fun music. This makes an interesting, more "pop/rock" addition to Green's discography in recent years which helps us believe that he may dip his toes in this area someday as well (without eschewing his great blues roots naturally) but we'll see I guess. Although many may find this record "average", I'm going to recommend it for the reasons I found it entertaining which I've stated above and I hope if you hear it, you'll find it a special listen too.

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From the SAS Band website: "The core members of the band consist of Spike Edney (Bandleader and Keyboards), Jamie Moses (Guitar), Steve Stroud (Bass), Johnny Marter (Drums), Steve Hamilton (Sax), Andy Bush (Trumpet) and Susie Webb and Zoe Nicholas (Backing Vocals). However, the band members change accordingly, depending on touring schedules and the requirements of each individual gig."

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