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Rendezvous - Sandy Denny

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Rendezvous (1977) - Sandy Denny

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Sandy Denny

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Original Album Tracklisting:
I Wish I Was A Fool For You (For Shame Of Doing Wrong)Lyrics available
  Date Performance: 1977, Running Time: 4:31
  Comments: Recorded at Basing Street Studios, London, Spring 1977
Gold DustLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1977, Running Time: 3:56
Candle In The WindLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1977, Running Time: 4:11
  Comments: Though it's unknown which tracks Bob Weston plays on from this album, this is one track he recalled playing on from these sessions in his Penguin Q&A session.
Take Me AwayLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1977, Running Time: 4:27
One Way Donkey RideLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1977, Running Time: 3:39
  Comments: Recorded at Island Studios
I'm A DreamerLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1977, Running Time: 4:49
  Comments: Recorded at Basing Street Studios, London, Spring 1977
All Our DaysLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1977, Running Time: 7:29
  Comments: Recorded live with full orchestra in CBS' Whitfield Street Studios
Silver Threads And Golden NeedlesLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1977, Running Time: 3:44
No More Sad RefrainsLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1977, Running Time: 2:54
  Comments: Recorded at Basing Street Studios, London

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CD Bonus Tracks:
Still Waters Run Deep
  Date Performance: 1977, Running Time: 2:56
  Comments: Originally released as a B side of the (promo) single "Candle In The Wind" Island WIP 639, 1977
Full MoonLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1976, Running Time: 4:31
  Comments: (P) 1985. Also appeared on 1986 CD reissue as bonus track. Recorded at Basing Street Studios, London, Summer, 1976.
I'm A DreamerLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1976-03-00, Running Time: 4:17
  Comments: (Demo Version) (P) 2004 Recorded at home, Byfield, Northants
Easy To Slip
  Date Performance: 1976-06-00, Running Time: 3:28
  Comments: (P) 1995 Recorded at Basing Street Studios, London. Mixed at Fall Out Studios, 1985.
  Running Time: 3:43
  Comments: (P) 1995 Recorded at Basing Street Studios, London. Mixed at Fall Out Studios, 1985 Sandy's final studio recording.
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Roger Bell, Acker Bilk, Gordon Bland, John (Rabbit) Bundrick, Gerry Conway, Dick Cuthell, Jerry Donahue, Tim(m)i Donald, Pat Donaldson, Benny/Bennie Gallagher, Benny/Bennie Gallagher, Kay Garner, Kay Garner, John Gillespie/Gillaspie, Sue Glover, Sue Glover, Phil(ip) Goodwin, Ray Grand, Jimmy/James Haines, (Julian) Junior (Donald) Hanson (Marvin Kerr Richards), Alan Holmes, John Hudson, Brother James, Sunny Leslie, Sunny Leslie, Billy Liv(e)sey, Peter Lockett, Trevor Lucas, Graham Lyle, Graham Lyle, Dave Mattacks, Ralph McTell, Phil Palmer, Dave Pegg, Robert (W.) Richards, Frank Ricotti, Jess Roden, Jess Roden, Al(l)an Skidmore, Dave Swarbrick, The Ladybirds, Richard (John) Thompson, Cla(i)re Torry, Cla(i)re Torry, Bob Weston, David/Davy White, Steve Winwood

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Domestic Vinyl/CD Album

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Jerry Boys (Engineer), John Wood (Engineer), Sandy Denny (Songwriter), Lowell George (Songwriter), Lowell George (Songwriter), Bryn Haworth (Songwriter), Elton John (Reginald Dwight) (Songwriter), Martin Fred Kibbee (Songwriter), Dick Reynolds (Songwriter), Jack Rhodes (Songwriter), Bernie (Bernard John) Taupin (Songwriter), Richard (John) Thompson (Songwriter), John Marion (Mastering), Dave Jordan (Assistant Engineer), Steve/Stephen Gregory (Brass Arrangements), Tim Chacksfield (Research), David Suff (Research), Trevor Lucas (Produced By), Trevor Lucas (Recorded By), John Wood (Recorded By), Joe Boyd (Mixed By), Joe Black (Project Coordination), Lee Hamblin (Mixed With), Tim Chacksfield (Project Co-Ordination), David Suff (Project Co-Ordination), Robert Kirby (Silver Band Arrangement), Harry Robinson (Orchestral Arrangements), Phil Smee (Island CD Package Design), Bloomfield/Travis (Original Album Sleeve Design By), David Suff (Island CD Liner Notes), Den(n)is Blackham (Digital Remastered By)

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ILPS 9433 (Original Island LP) HNCD 4423 (1986 Hannibal/Carthage CD Reissue) IMCD316/982 802-4 (2005 Island CD Reissue)

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    Liner Notes »

John (Rabbit) Bundrick
Jerry Donahue
Timmi Donald
Pat Donaldson
Dave Mattacks
Dave Pegg
Steve Winwood
Junior Murvin (sic, wrong artist)
Brother James
Jimmy Haines
Nigel Frank Ricotti
John Gillespie
Dick Cuthell
Richard Thompson
Billie Livesey
Bob Weston

Jess Roden
Sue Glover
Sunny Leslie
Kay Garner
Claire Torry
Benny Gallagher
Graham Lyle
The Ladybirds

Silver Band:
John Hudson
Alan Holmes
Ray Grand
Gordon Bland
David White
Robert Richards
Peter Lockett
Philip Goodwin

Recorded at:
Island, Basing Street, Hammersmith
C.B.S., London
Strawberry Studios, Stockport
Sound Techniques, Chelsea

1986 Hannibal CD Reissue notes:

(C) 1977 (incorrectly lists 1973) Island Records

(P) 1986 Hannibal Records Limited
P.O. Box 742
W11 3LZ

Manufactured Under License from Island Records

All Rights Reserved.

Unauthorised Duplication is a Violation of Law.

2005 Island Expanded CD Edition notes:

Sandy Denny 6th January 1947 - 21st April 1978

Sandy Denny appeared in the lavish stage version of the Who's 'Tommy', she was the only guest vocalist on a Led Zeppelin album, and in a remarkably short career established her reputation as one of Britain's finest ever singer-songwriters.

Alexandra Elene MacLean Denny was born in Wimbledon, south-west London. From her early childhood Sandy was blessed with a heartbreakingly beautiful voice. She played piano and guitar at an early age and sang in the school choir. Whilst studying nursing, she began appearing at folk clubs in south and west London. Sandy's early musical career in the Capital reads like a whirlwind of activity. In next to no time, she had recorded with the folk-scene grandees Alex Campbell and Johnny Silvo. Within a few months she had met Dave Cousins, joined the Strawbs and recorded an album with them in Copenhagen. In May 1968 Sandy auditioned for the fledgling Fairport Convention though members of the group, now recall, that it seemed more like they were auditioning for her.

Sandy's brief (first) tenure in Fairport lasted barely eighteen months. Just long enough, for the group to create the blueprint for British Folk-rock on the three classic albums, 'What We Did On Our Holidays', 'Unhalfbricking' and 'Liege & Lief'. Sandy left the group at the end of 1969 to form a new band with her future husband - Trevor Lucas. Much was expected of Fotheringay and they quickly established an enviable reputation, headlining the Royal Albert Hall with Elton John as the opening act. Despite their poise Fotheringay floundered towards the end of 1970, leaving just one powerful, highly-regarded album. Sandy immediately began preparing material for her first solo album. September 1971's The North Star Grassman and the Ravens. Sandy's second solo album, the majestic Sandy, followed a year later, and Like An Old Fashioned Waltz in October 1973.

As a musician Sandy seems to have preferred the camaraderie of a group to the rigors of the solo career. Towards the end of 1973 Sandy began to make a habit of joining Fairport onstage at the end of an evening, within a few months she rejoined Fairport Convention, whose ranks now included her husband Trevor Lucas, and former Fotheringay colleague Jerry Donahue, and began composing material for the group's Rising For The Moon album. The Glyn Johns produced album received massive support from Island and sent the band off on an enormous world tour. At the end of the tour, disappointed that sales had not matched expectations the group disintegrated yet again. After resting during the first months of 1976 Sandy returned to the recording studio with an extraordinary body of fine original material. The resulting album - Rendezvous is a majestic, dignified production, occasionally let down by some over-ripe arrangements. Though much of the album was cut with the orchestra and backing band playing together in the studio, the material's true strengths are easier to discern in the many demos recorded at home the previous winter.

Recording sessions for her fourth solo album, provisionally titled 'Gold Dust', were the most protracted of Sandy Denny's career, stretching over many months. Several songs were recorded more than once with alternate arrangements and personnel. Fans have long argued that Rendezvous lacks focus as Mr & Mrs Lucas tried to find a working method that would appeal to a larger audience. Somewhat inexplicably sessions later in the year yeilded a version of Elton John's homage to Marilyn Monroe Candle In The Wind which replaced the stronger original recordings like Full Moon and 'By The Time It Gets Dark'. They also recorded a powerful version of the Springfield's Silver Threads & Golden Needles which Fotheringay had previously attempted to record back in 1970.

Guests musicians on the sessions included many long-time Fairport/Fotheringay colleagues and several fellow Island artists who were also recording during the same period, including Steve Winwood of Traffic, John "Rabbit" Bundrick of Free and Bronco's Jess Roden. Looking at the studio tape logs it seems that some days in the studio produced little result, whilst others captured incredible performances like the superb one-take reading of I'm A Dreamer and the stunning version of One Way Donkey Ride. Like so many of Sandy's best songs All Our Days has a haunting, melancholy quality; the remarkable seven-and-a-half minute performance on Rendezvous was recorded live with the full orchestra in CBS' expansive Whitfield Street Studios.

The release of Rendezvous was delayed several months, before finally appearing in May 1977. Sandy returned to the Basing Street studio later that month to record a heartfelt version of a Bryn Haworth song - Moments, she remembered from his support slot on the 1975 Fairport tour. For this remastered edition of Rendezvous we have taken the opportunity to add that recording, plus three outtakes from the album sessions and a gorgeous home demo of I'm A Dreamer.

Sandy Denny died in April 1978, aged just 31, after falling down stairs at a friend's flat and suffering a fatal brain haemorrhage. In her all too brief life she wrote and recorded some of the finest songs to have emerged from late twentieth century Britain. To this day, her remarkable music is held in high regard by the likes of Elton John, Rod Stewart, Judy Collins, Richard Thompson, Nancy Griffith, Don Henley, Pete Townshend and Kate Bush.

I'll be smiling all the time at everybody
My Friends will tell me I'm just not the same
I won't linger over any tragedies that were
And I won't be singing anymore sad refrains.

David Suff January 2005

Digitally remastered at Skye Mastering, Skye

The Fairport Connection
The Reissues

Fairport Convention

Fairport Convention Remastered with 4 bonus tracks (068 291-2)
What We Did on Our Holidays Remastered with 3 bonus tracks (IMCD 294)
Unhalfbricking Remastered with 2 bonus tracks (IMCD 293)
Liege & Lief Remastered with 2 bonus tracks (IMCD 291)
Full House Remastered with 2 bonus tracks (IMCD 285)
Angel Delight Remastered with 1 bonus track (IMCD 307)
Babbacombe Lee Remastered with 2 bonus tracks (IMCD 308)
Rosie Remastered with 5 bonus tracks (IMCD 309)
House Full Live At The L.A. Troubadour Remastered (IMCD 289)
Heyday Remastered with 8 bonus tracks (IMCD 290)
Nine Remastered with 4 bonus tracks (IMCD 310) (Released August 2005)
Live Convention Remastered with 5 bonus tracks (IMCD 311) (Released August 2005)
Rising for the Moon Remastered with 4 bonus tracks (IMCD 312) (Released August 2005)

Richard & Linda Thompson

I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight Remastered with 3 bonus tracks (IMCD 304
Hokey Pokey Remastered with 5 bonus tracks (IMCD 305
Pour Down Like Silver Remastered with 4 bonus tracks (IMCD 306)

Sandy Denny

The North Star Grassman And The Ravens Remastered with 4 bonus tracks (IMCD 313)
Sandy Remastered with 5 bonus tracks (IMCD 314)
Like An Old Fashioned Waltz Remastered with 4 bonus tracks (IMCD 315)

Island Remasters


(P) (C) 2005 Universal Island Records Ltd
The copyright in this compilation and artwork is owned by Universal Island Records Ltd.

Unauthorised copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited

Made in the E.U.

Compact Disc Digital Audio

LC 00407


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Better Sandy elsewhere but won't disappoint
Review written by John Fitzgerald, May 9th, 2005

If you are interested in investigating Sandy Denny's work then admittedly this is not the best place to start (as you'd be better of with some early Fairport Convention albums and Rykodisc's SD comp "Who knows where the time goes") but this is not a bad record by any means, it is quite enjoyable on it's own merits but do take the poorer moments with a grain of salt though as the late great Denny has recorded much elsewhere to be more proud of. Speaking of Fairport Convention, Richard & Linda Thompson's "For shame of doing wrong" is covered well here (though here billed as "I wish I was a fool for you"), it was written by Richard (he plays on the album too) and this chiming guitar swirl is an instant favorite upon hearing it (though it could be debatable which version you'd prefer if you have heard Richard & Linda's version already). "Gold dust" is a disco-ish funk on first listen but the cupped horn part adds much atmosphere to the track which grows well on you. "Candle in the wind" is a standard cover and perhaps sounds lifeless next to Elton John's "Goodbye yellow brick road" version though according to Weston's Penguin Q & A, it seems likely that this is one track here he played on at least (as the album liner notes don't state which song(s) he's on here) so for that, it is worth a listen even if the result in this track is inevitably disappointing. "Take me home" is a slow but tough ballad, maybe a slight soul feel, probably meant to show off Sandy's great vocal work but I think that is best represented elsewhere though the strong guitar work on this one will grab some attention as will the guitar work at the end of "I'm a dreamer" which is a highlight here, it's a mid tempo strings tune with a smoother approach which works better than TMH. There are a few ballads here in this similar vein, "No more sad refrains" closes the original album but this one has more piano which works nicely and a CD only bonus track called "Full moon" (apparently an outtake from the "Rendezvous" sessions according to the "Who knows where the time goes" compilation liner notes) which is very similar to NMSR but has stronger strings and piano and could very well be better than NMSR, it just makes you wonder why good songs get left off albums sometimes. "Silver threads and golden needles" here has an arrangement not too different from "Take me home" but has more horns and less guitars on the whole. Another real highlight on this album is the lengthy "All our days" which is a great vocal showcase for Denny, backed by an orchestra, this is a theatrical, moody piece which is very pretty and it doesn't seem like seven minutes after you get to know it. If nothing else, "Rendezvous" doesn't linger too long on Sandy's folk roots and though at times it goes in to musical areas that don't suit her (like the countryish "One way donkey ride" whose steel guitar yawns try to drag this one into C&W though the acoustic guitar & keys do well to stop that from happening), it does bring her in to some fresh avenues that could've been taken if fate hadn't cruelly intervened.

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Discography entry submitted by Jeff Kenney.