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London Live '68 - Fleetwood Mac

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London Live '68 (1986) - Fleetwood Mac

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Mick Fleetwood, Peter Green, John McVie, Jeremy Spencer

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Got To MoveLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1968-04-00, Running Time: 4:35
I Held My Baby Last NightLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1968-04-00, Running Time: 5:25
My Baby's SweetLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1968-04-00, Running Time: 3:28
  Comments: Often billed as "My Baby's Sweeter"
My Baby's A Good 'Un
  Date Performance: 1968-04-00, Running Time: 5:07
  Comments: Often incorrectly billed as "My Baby's Good To Me". Also frequently incorrectly attributes songwriting credit to Fleetwood, McVie, Spencer & Green.
Don't Know Which Way To Go
  Date Performance: 1968-04-00, Running Time: 6:37
Buzz MeLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1968-04-00, Running Time: 3:45
Worried DreamLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1968-04-00, Running Time: 6:30
  Comments: Often incorrectly billed as "The Dream" or "The Worried Dream".
The World Keep On TurningLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1968-04-00, Running Time: 3:58
  Comments: Often incorrectly billed as "The World Keeps On Turning" or similar variations minus the "The".
How Blue Can You Get
  Date Performance: 1968-04-00, Running Time: 5:13
Bleeding Heart
  Date Performance: 1968-04-00, Running Time: 4:51
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Danny Baxter (Songwriter), Willie Dixon (Songwriter), Jane Feather (Songwriter), Leonard (Geoffrey) Feather (Songwriter), Peter Green (Songwriter), Peter Green (Songwriter), Elmore James (Songwriter), B(lues) B(oy) (Riley) King (Songwriter), Fleecie Moore (Songwriter), Al(berta) Perkins (Songwriter), Marshall E. Sehorn (Songwriter), Jules (Julius Jeramiah) Taub (Bihari) (Songwriter), Homesick James Williamson (Songwriter), Nigel Molden (Liner Notes)

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CD TB 1.038 (CD Reissue)

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Although they are known throughout the world in their Anglo-American guise which has held steady since the mid to late seventies, FLEETWOOD MAC was the first British blues group to reach the charts and change the direction of popular music as a result.

The line-up featured on this album is the same as the one that appeared at the Windsor Jazz And Blues Festival in the summer of 1967 thereby becoming, at the first gig, the original Fleetwood Mac. Each member of the group had already rubbed shoulders with the best on the burgeoning blues/rock scene and the combination of their individual talents and experience was to create a formidable force in popular music.

Their first album - 'Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac' was released only six months after that first appearance and, bucking all of the current trends, headed straight into the charts. The group had, by this time, established itself as one of the top acts on the college and club circuit and were in enormous demand. This album features one of those live performances - in April, 1968 - and provides a vivid illustration of their communication with their fans and followers whose number was growing by the day. Their live performances were notable not only for their feel for the blues but also for their regular rock and roll segue which featured Jeremy Spencer.

This album is particularly interesting as it features songs that the group were never to record on an album, and captures the excitement of their live performances before commercial success and personnel changes combined to radically change their musical direction.

Whilst this recording is less than perfect, it is vivid reminder of the roots of the group and an illustration of the talents of each original member of FLEETWOOD MAC.


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This album crops up under many guises.
Review written by Mike Whitaker (, March 14th, 2005

This would appear to be the same album as "The Dream", on the 'Going For A Song' label, GFS305, except that on the latter the tracks are (much better) ordered Worried Dream/Bleeding Heart/My Baby's Sweet/Don't Know Which Way To Go/Got To Move/How Blue Can You Get/I Held My Baby Last Night/My Baby's A Good 'Un/Buzz Me/The World Keeps On Turning. Also worth noting it appears to have been processed using CEDAR, to remove some of the noise on what sounds to me like an audience bootleg.

Quietest parts are best but must fight sound quality
Review written by John Fitzgerald, March 14th, 2005

This release along with "Live at the Marquee" are unquestionably the Mac recordings with the poorest sound quality of all legally released Mac discs but they do capture the atmosphere of the occasion nonetheless. "London live '68" disappointingly doesn't include any other information as to the time and place of it's recording other than the title but it does enclose some good songs that have not been released by the band in any other fashion to date such as Peter's somewhat lengthy "Don't know which way to go" an emotive slow blues, just as Jeremy covers a slow blues nugget in "Bleeding heart". Spencer has also got a fast boogie called "My baby's a good 'un" which employs the type of tempo that "Stop messin' 'round" has, but features lightning slide bursts from Jeremy instead. This tune ranks as the hardest driving song on the record. As it is, Peter's B.B. King covers of "How blue can you get" & "Buzz me" have just come out on another form for the only other time (on a legal release) on the "Show biz blues" collection. "The dream" of course relates to "Worried dream" and there's a snippet of Jeremy's on stage humor but unusually more family orientated in that he seems to be making fun of reporters that ask him about what kind of equipment he uses on stage (as we know Spencer was against this kind of questioning in those days) but it is rather hard to hear because of the poor sound quality of the album although it is marginally clearer than "Live at the Marquee". Spencer and Green have 5 numbers each but strange (for an album) that Jeremy starts with four, then Peter does all five of his, then finished off by a final Spencer performance. Maybe this was the original order and if it was, then I'm glad but due to the lack of information about this gig, I guess we will never know if this was the way it was or just bizarre sequencing. This is a purchase undoubtedly better left until later on down the road but shouldn't be too disappointing for aficionados of the early Mac history.

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Possibly recorded April 27, 1968 at the Polytechnic

Contrary to the album's liner notes, the line up on this album is NOT "the one that appeared at the Windsor Jazz And Blues Festival in the summer of 1967". That line up included Green, Spencer & Fleetwood with Bob Brunning on bass. John McVie had been in the band for some time by the time of this recording in April of 1968.

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