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Live Your Life - The Kinetic

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Live Your Life (1967) - The Kinetic

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Geoffrey Capper, Michael Humby, Andy Mowbray, John Christopher Sze, Bob Weston

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Live Your Life
  Running Time: 2:22
Hall Of The Viking
  Running Time: 3:40
  Comments: Viking incorrectly spelled on CD reissue as "Wiking". We assume Humby is playing the acoustic piano which can be heard on this track.
Letter To Rosetta
  Running Time: 2:11
Childs SongLyrics available
  Running Time: 1:58
Suddenly Tomorrow
  Running Time: 4:23
Sunny Cloud
  Running Time: 1:58
Willy 'D' Fixer
  Running Time: 2:24
Time Of Season
  Running Time: 2:20
The Train
  Running Time: 3:11
Jam Around
  Running Time: 4:36
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Import Vinyl/CD Album

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Geoffrey Capper (Songwriter), Geoffrey Capper (Songwriter), Andy Mowbray (Songwriter), Andy Mowbray (Songwriter), Bob Weston (Songwriter), Bob Weston (Songwriter)

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Disques Vogue/Magic Records

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CLVLX 148/3930342

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Liner Notes (French):

THE KINETIC... un groupe dont on va beaucoup parler.
THE KINETIC se composent de:

Andy Mowbray: le chanteur portant éternellement un blazer rayé très britannique.
Bob Weston: guitar solo, qui voue à sa guitare un véritable sacerdoce.
Geoffrey Capper: guitare basse, qui ne peut se déplacer sans avoir dans ses poches quelque chose à manger.
John Christopher Sze: le batteur de descendance chinoise surnommé "Le Silencieux" car il fait très rarement entendre le son de sa voix.
Michael Humby: l'organiste le cadet du groupe qui ne jure que par Jimmy Smith.
Ils sont cinq. Cinq anglais voulant enregister en France (il fallait bien que cela arrive puisque les artistes français vont depuis un certain temps déjà enregistrer en Angleterre).

Ils composent eux-mêmes les paroles et la musique de leurs chansons et ils ont la particularité de ne jamais savoir ce qu'ils vont jouer lorsqu'ils pénètrent dans un studio d'enregistrement. The KINETIC attachent beaucoup d'importance à la "couleur" et à la sonorité de leurs instruments, sur ce point d'ailleurs, Bob WESTON, le soliste du groupe met fréquemment une heure à travailler un son.

Liner Notes (English):

THE KINETIC... a group which is going to be much talked about.
THE KINETIC consist of:

Andy Mowbray: the singer who forever wears a very British striped blazer.
Bob Weston: lead guitarist, who infuses his guitar with a veritable godliness.
Geoffrey Capper: bass guitarist, incapable of going anywhere without having some food in his pockets.
John Christopher Sze: drummer of Chinese descent, nicknamed "The Silent One" as he very rarely makes the sound of his voice heard.
Michael Humby: organist and youngest in the group who swears by Jimmy Smith.
There are five of them. Five Englishmen who wanted to record in France (it had to happen as French artists have been going to record in England for a while now).

They write their own words and music to their songs and they have the peculiarity of never knowing what they're going to play when they enter a recording studio. The KINETIC place a lot of importance on the "colour" and the sound of their instruments; in fact Bob WESTON, the soloist of the group, frequently spends an hour working his sound.

(P) 1967

CD Reissue Notes:


Artwork: Atelier H & Magic Records

Realisation: MAM Productions

Grand Jeu des porte-clefs vogue 1 vignette 45 EP valable jusqu'au aoui 1907

Decoupez les vignettes se trouvant au verso de vos disques VOGUE, et vous gagnerez de magnifiques porte clefs en metal argente o l'elfigie de vos vedettes preferees, numerotes de 1 o 8 et un Joker. Tirage limite o 1,000 exemplaires

Les porte-clefs en votre posession vous permettent de participer aux jeux VOGUE qui passent sur les anteanes de Radio et dans la Presse. Les gagnants recevont de nombreux prix et paticiperont o la e Grande Finale du Grand Jeu VOGUE Vogueman

1. Antoine
2. Petula Clark
3. Francoise Hardy
4. Jacques Dutronc
5. Aimable
6. Pierre Perret
7. Sidney Bechet
8. Claude Luter
Le Joker J.J. Debout

Envoyez vos vignettes:

Disques VOGUE
Grand Jeu Des
93 Villetaneuse

28 vignettes de 45 Tours
pour 1 Porte-clefs
10 vignettes de 33 Tours
pour 1 Porte-clefs

Gravure Universelle

The Monks - Surprise Partie in de l'appelle canelle - c'estma chanson - zaza - des poux et des sous - pas de whisky pour le loch ness - je chante pour moi - pietre, etc. 33 1 30 on CLVLX 134 mono/stereo

Surprise Partie chez mes voisins c'est ma chanson - les cactus - fallait - pasecraser la queue du chat - take your time - on s'aime - chez les grecs - je l'appelle canelle, etc. 33 1 30 on CLVLX 140 mono/stereo

Hitsville - Joey Dee Reach out - Hold on I'm comin' - See see rider - Guantanamera - Feel good about it - The hair on my chinny chin chin - Cherry, cherry, etc. 33 1 30 on CLVLX 132 30 mono stereo

Ce disque est un enregistrement VOGUE Houte Fidelite le material goivanoplastique et le pressage ont ete realises par la Manufacture de Productions Phonographiques VOGUE

Tous droits du producteur phonographique et proprietaire de l'oeuvre enregistree reserves : sauf autorisation, la duplication, la location, le pret, l'utilisation, de cd disque pour execution publique et radiodiffusion sont interdits

Collection Loisirs


A Vogue A Scope Process

Made in France by Optical Disc

Remastered in high definition 24-bit

Distribution MAM Productions

(C) 2003 MAM Productions - Compilation
(P) 2003 MAM Productions





MAM 101

3 7001 9

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pleasant but average with one outstanding track
Review written by vojislav (, March 2nd, 2005

I came across a copy of this back in the eighties from a sailor who picked it up in Singapore where loads of French pressings seem to have been dumped. I played it together with other items I picked up at the same fair - the Arcadium and the Katch 22 LPs (remember it was the 80's and we were still making dicoveries. At the time I liked the Kinetic LP best out of these primarily owing to the 'Suddenly Tomorrow' track which really stood out. There's other pleasant but not as good stuff on the album but it finishes on a low note with a tedious instrumental jam as if the band was running out of ideas (check also the running time of the album). Most of the album tracks are on their 2 French EPs anyway; perhaps the best option is to pick up the one featuring 'Suddenly Tomorrow'. Other album tracks worth listening are 'The Hall of the Viking' and 'Letter to Rosetta'. Don't fork out the money for the original LP before you've heard it.

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Discography entry submitted by Steve Fairhead, Fin Costello & Marty Adelson.