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Cat Dancer - Sandy Stewart

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Cat Dancer (1984) - Sandy Stewart

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Sandy Stewart

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Side One:
Cat DancersLyrics available
  Running Time: 4:50
Get My WayLyrics available
  Running Time: 4:06
Think Of MeLyrics available
  Running Time: 4:28
Living EndLyrics available
  Running Time: 3:50
Saddest VictoryLyrics available
  Running Time: 4:10

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Side Two:
Not Like The OthersLyrics available
  Running Time: 4:22
I PretendLyrics available
  Running Time: 3:42
Mind Over MatterLyrics available
  Running Time: 4:04
Leave It All BehindLyrics available
  Running Time: 4:44
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Amanda Blue, David/Dave Bluefield, Anton Fig, (Ms.) Bobbye Hall, Beau Hill, Jimmy Iovine, David Monday/Munday, Stevie Nicks, Lori Perry-Nicks/Perry/Nicks, Parker Bradfield Smith, Michael Spencer, Roger Tausz

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Domestic Vinyl/CD Album

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Amanda Blue (Songwriter), Beau Hill (Songwriter), David Monday/Munday (Songwriter), Lyn Robinson (Songwriter), Sandy Stewart (Songwriter), Herbert Wheeler Worthington, III (Photography), Herbert Wheeler Worthington, III (Art Direction), Jimmy Iovine (Executive Producer), Thom Cassetta (Additional Engineering), Tom (Gorbo) Gondolf (Additional Engineering), Don Smith (Additional Engineering), Beau Hill (Produced By), Jimmy Iovine (Produced By), Gordon Perry (Produced By), Beau Hill (Engineered By), Shelly Yakus (Engineered By), Beau Hill (Mixed By), Greg Fulginiti (Mastered By), David/Dave Bluefield (DMX Programming), Jim Faraci (Villiage Recorder Mixing Assisted By), Robin Lain(e) (Villiage Recorder Mixing Assisted By), Crif Smiuf (Villiage Recorder Mixing Assisted By), Shelly Yakus (Villiage Recorder Mixing Assisted By), Gary Lubow (Goodnight L.A. Mixing Assisted By), Dennis Sagar/Sager (Goodnight L.A. Mixing Assisted By), Jim Faraci (Villiage Recorder Recording Assisted By), Crif Smiuf (Villiage Recorder Recording Assisted By), Ray Leonard (Sound City Recording Assisted By), Rubin Ayala (Goodnight Dallas Recording Assisted By), Tom Cook (Goodnight Dallas Recording Assisted By), Tom (Gorbo) Gondolf (Goodnight Dallas Recording Assisted By), Mitch Gibson (Sound Castle Recording Assisted By), Roger Tausz (M.R.S. Studios Recording Assisted By), Bill Wade (M.R.S. Studios Recording Assisted By), Stuart Furusho (Studio 55 Recording Assisted By), Bobby Gerber (Studio 55 Recording Assisted By), Mandy Howell (Chapter Sweetheart)

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7 90133-1

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    Liner Notes »

Mixed at the Village Recorder, L.A. and at Goodnight L.A.

Recorded at The Village Recorder, L.A., Sound City, L.A., Goodnight Dallas, Sound Castle, L.A., M.R.S. Studios, Houston & Studio 55, L.A.

Mastered at Artisan Sound.

Chapter Sweetheart, thanks for everything.

Special thanks to Mike, Roger, and David for their dedication, friendship, and understanding - And to Stevie for her inspiration and for believing in the music.

This album is dedicated to my family, Linda, Jay, and most of all my mother, Joan for love and support through the years.

Stevie Nicks appears courtesy of Modern Records

Anton Fig, Amanda Blue, and Beau Hill appear courtesy of Chrysalis Records

(P) (C) 1983/1984 Modern Records And Tapes, Inc. Est 1980
1438 N. Gower St., Box #3
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Distributed by Atco Records, Division of Atlantic Recording Corporation, A Warner Communicatins Company
75 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, New York 10019

Printed in U.S.A.

Warning: Unauthorized reproduction of this recording is prohibited by Federeal law and subject to criminal prosecution.




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There are 4 visitor reviews for Cat Dancer. See them all here.

Worth it for "I Pretend"...
Review written by Jon the Moonspinner, February 16th, 2010

Capturing the same type of schizophrenic soft-and-harsh, angry-and-wistful vibe of Tom Petty's "Insider", Stewart's composition "I Pretend" is immeasurably helped by the quiveringly crisp vocal contribution of Ms. Nicks; however, it's a good enough song to stand on its own, and Stewart herself sounds very assured here. Not so the rest of "Cat Dancer", which lags behind even "The Wild Heart" in lyric content and is mixed rather unevenly. The album has a metallic sound to it which does not partner well with the messy, distinctly-'80s music arrangements.

Overlooked Gem from the Decade of the Synthesizer
Review written by Nostromo, December 6th, 2004

This album serves as an interesting footnote to Stevie Nicks' Wild Heart album on which Sandy Stewart contributed her songwriting and vocal talents. Some of the songs on Catdancer could easily be mistaken for Wild Heart outtakes. While Stevie Nicks contributes some vocals here, it's Stewart's voice that is the standout. She shows herself adept at handling the vocalizations and musical stylings of not just Nicks, but of Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, Dale Bozzio of Missing Persons, Pat Benetar, and Denise Williams. While this doesn't make for a very original album, you can understand why Stewart has flourished working with other artists (Nicks, Fleetwood Mac, Belinda Carlisle, Tina Turner). All songs on Catdancer are masterfully produced and the power-ballads are stunning, the best being the title track, "Not Like the Others," and "The Saddest Victory" with its devastating lyric, 'So you have won, and you have conquered, and you have killed a friend in me; how does it feel? Your saddest victory.' I'm sure the videos that accompanied these songs must have been exquisite. The album cover itself looks pretty flat and uninspired, but I believe Stewart (pictured glowering on the front) is wearing the same silk kimono that she wore for her photos with Stevie Nicks and company on Wild Heart's back cover. It's too bad the Wild Heart magic didn't rub off on Stewart's project. Note -- Stewart's latest co-credit is for the song "Too Far from Texas" on Nicks' Trouble in Shangri-La album.

this shoulda been a contender
Review written by Robb McCaffree (, December 6th, 2004

I remember seeing the video for "The Saddest Victory" exactly once on MTV back in 1984...and I still don't know why Sandy's solo career never took off. Although she's adept with a catchy melody and emotionally succinct lyrics (unlike her "mentor" Stevie Nicks), Sandy was not gifted with as interesting a voice as Stevie's and probably got lost in the shuffle. This album is entrenched in 80s keyboards and drum machines, but Sandy's songwriting still stands above all that, most notably on "The Saddest Victory," "Leave It All Behind," "I Pretend" and the title track. So where can I find this vinyl album transferred onto CD?

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Debut for this striking, sultry vocalist is overshadowed by the label's first and best known act, Stevie Nicks, credited as inspiration for Stewart's style. Star-crossed romantic themes, surging synth-pop arrangements and throaty vocals make inevitable comparisons that are underlined by Nicks' own guest vocal spot. Results are still commercial, despite the identity crisis. (Billboard Magazine, 3/3/84)

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