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Bartering - Baron (Keith) Stewart

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Bartering (1975) - Baron (Keith) Stewart

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Baron (Keith) Stewart

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Side 1:
(Venice) It's Good To See You AgainLyrics available
  Running Time: 4:04
  Comments: This song is to my favorite place & the people who openly accepted my music. Venice, Calif. 90291 BK Stewart/October 8, 1974.
Afternoon (Caught Me Wonderin')Lyrics available
  Running Time: 3:15
  Comments: In everyone's life there are afternoons like this. BK Stewart/October 10, 1974.
I'm No Stranger Than YouLyrics available
  Running Time: 5:16
  Comments: Written while jamming with my friend Marcus Strange and Richard Laucks. BK Stewart/October 19, 1974.
Women & GinLyrics available
  Running Time: 3:00
  Comments: Written on my birthday. BK Stewart/July 20, 1974.
We Been Singin' SongsLyrics available
  Running Time: 4:00
  Comments: This is the oldest song on the album. I wrote this song while living in my little house on thre canals in Venice, California 90291. BK Stewart/July 22, 1973.

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Side 2:
Don't It Drag OnLyrics available
  Running Time: 4:15
  Comments: This is my favorite song in the whole wide world. BK Stewart
After The Storm (Go Out Dancin')Lyrics available
  Running Time: 3:15
  Comments: To the ladies of the night. We love 'em all. BK Stewart/November 23, 1974.
No ExpectationsLyrics available
  Running Time: 3:04
  Comments: A song from the Stones collection of biggies. P.S. Jimmy Haskell's arrangement is simply outrageous. Thank you, Jimmy. BK Stewart
TimeLyrics available
  Running Time: 3:40
  Comments: Written at 7:30 in the morning with my good friend Nelson's visit BK Stewart/December 1, 1974.
Stoned And LonelyLyrics available
  Running Time: 3:02
  Comments: Written while I was stoned out of my mind - as lonely as one could be. This song is to good smoke. Sometimes it really helps. BK Stewart/October 26 and 27 of 1974.
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Rich Belanger, Rick Blond, Bonnie Bramlett, Lindsey Buckingham, Bill (Willum) Cuomo, Chris Darrow, (Teenage) Steve Douglas (Kreisman), Dan Dugmore, Les Emmerson, Venetta Fields, Domenic Genova, Jimmy/Jimmie (The Great) Haskell, Richard Kane, Ki(e)ran Kane, Barbara Keith, Joe LaManno, Bobby Lietigh, Shirley/Sherlie/Sherley Matthews, Phoebe Noel, John Raines, Gary Rowles, Sid(ney) Sharp(e), Julia Tillman Waters/Waters Tilman/Waters/Tillman, Richard Torrance, Eddie Tuduri/Tuderi, Maxine Waters Willard/Willard Waters/Waters/Willard

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Domestic Vinyl/CD Album

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Mick Jagger (Songwriter), Mick Jagger (Songwriter), Keith Richard(s) (Songwriter), Keith Richard(s) (Songwriter), (William) Chris(topher) Smither(s) (Songwriter), Baron (Keith) Stewart (Songwriter), Baron (Keith) Stewart (Album Concept), Dallas Smith (Directed By), Dallas Smith (Produced By), Bruce Ellison (Engineered By), Jimmy/Jimmie (The Great) Haskell (Strings Arranged By), David Blumberg (Arranged By), Jimmy/Jimmie (The Great) Haskell (Horns Arranged By), Bruce Ellison (Played With By), Bob Cato (Creator Of Cover), Clive Fox (The Guy That Discovered Baron Stewart), Gregg Jakobson/Jacobson (Watched Over & Kept Baron Stewart Safe)

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United Artists

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UA-LA419-G (LP) UA-EA419-H (Cassette)

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The United Artists Recording Society presents Bartering starring Baron Stewart with Gatsby, my partner (dog). Memories, thoughts & friends. Helping friends were Gatsby & Olive.
Inspired by Gatsby, people I've met & places I've been.

Thanks to Marc Benno for the intense buzz and the ending words to "I'm No Stranger Than You". Demos by Dino. The Crew of Village. Recorders: Nat, Neil, & Gill. Ken & Tim, Dick, Carol & Alfie. For extra inspiration: Billy Roberts. Chauffeured by John Wood from Salina, Kansas. The guys at the photo studio: Doug & Pierre.
More thanks to Denny Diante & Spencer Proffer. Color by Deluxe.

This album is to those who enjoy its contents. To my dad, my mom & Mama Courtney Diepolder.

A production/product of Marami Ltd.

Background vocals on "We Been Singin' Songs" by "The Ladies" featuring - Shirley Matthews, Venetta Fields, Julia Tillman & Rick Blond.

P.S./May every wish you wish yourself be yours. Thank you, Baron Keith Stewart

Bonnie Bramlett courtesy of Capricorn Records.
Les Emmerson courtesy of Polydor Incorporated.
Richard Torrance courtesy Shelter Records.
Bobby Lietigh courtesy Warner Bros. Records.

(C) (P) & Manufactured MCMLXXV by United Artists Music And Records Group, Inc. Los Angeles, California 90028. Printed in U.S.A.

All Rights Reserved. WARNING: It is expressly forbidden to copy or reproduce this recording in any manner or form.
Also available on United Artists Stereo-Tape Cartridge.

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We Had A Great Time
Review written by Bruce Ellison, October 2nd, 2011

I was the mixer on the record working with Producer Dallas Smith. I had a lot of hits, but I think this was the best album we ever did. Thanks Baron for a Great Time

the music came first
Review written by Anonymous, August 23rd, 2009

baron stewart is the most talented song writer i've ever heard! you can tell the music always comes first in his life, and what a wonderful way to share yourself.

Mostly subtle and sensitive
Review written by John Fitzgerald, October 6th, 2004

It seems clear to me that the intention here was rather theatrical. Whether this works or not is questionable but there are enough emotional moments present to give it the nod. Though Lindsey is misspelled on the notes of this album as "Lindsay" he lends sensitive lead guitar and background vocals to "I'm no stranger than you" (which is a nice laid back soothing slow to mid tempo tune featuring meaningful strings), very distinctive crystalline acoustic guitar plucks to what I feel is the album's best track, "Don't it drag on" (a heartfelt piece with moving strings), searing electric lead guitar to the album's most rocking track in the speedy stomping "After the storm (Go out dancin')" (you can recognize LB's parts but he holds back a little with a thinner tone than usual on this piano chunker) and backing vocals to the country bouncing yawner "Time" (with perhaps a slight Grateful Dead feel, I think it's the weakest of the 4 Lindsey featured tracks). As for the rest, "We been singin' songs" was a single from this record (as I had noticed in a listing it had peaked at number 97) and one can see why it didn't do very well as it doesn't really have a good hook though they probably chose it more due to it's fast speed and stronger strings/guitar/drums sound than what appears on many other tracks. The opening "(Venice) It's good to see you again" has nice strings and piano parts on the verses but the loudness on the choruses hurt. "Afternoon (Caught me wonderin')" is a piano featured ballad with steel guitars and organ, "Women & gin" includes piano & bass arrangements at the beginning and then later on you get some strings and light drums. It's pleasant but there's many better tracks here than this one. Stewart's cover of the Rolling Stones' "No expectations" encloses a slow piano ballad with strings try and it's fairly useful but of course it can't topple the Stones classic sliding original and "Stoned & lonely" tries to be an anthemic swayer featuring steel guitar and strings. It's not bad but it is ultimately lightweight. In the end, Lindsey does good work on some of the best moments on "Bartering" and it's worth it for those songs alone given you put these recordings in the context of the times in which they were recorded.

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Lindsey Buckingham's first name is misspelled on this album as "Lindsay".

Dan Dugmore's last name is mispelled on the album as "Dougmore".

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