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Along For The Ride - John Mayall

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Along For The Ride (2001) - John Mayall

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John Mayall And The Bluesbreakers, John Mayall, John Mayall, Coco (Henry) Montoya, John Paulus, Buddy (Robert Warrick) Whittington, Joe (Joseph Anthony) Yuele

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Regular Album Tracklisting:
A World Of Hurt
  Date Performance: 2001, Running Time: 4:31
Along For The Ride
  Date Performance: 2001, Running Time: 4:50
Put It Right Back
  Date Performance: 2001, Running Time: 4:31
That's Why I Love You So
  Date Performance: 2001, Running Time: 4:15
Yo Yo Man
  Date Performance: 2001, Running Time: 2:59
If I Don't Get Home
  Date Performance: 2001, Running Time: 5:21
  Date Performance: 2001, Running Time: 4:27
Early In The Morning
  Date Performance: 2001, Running Time: 4:06
Something About My Baby
  Date Performance: 2001, Running Time: 4:18
So Many RoadsLyrics available
  Date Performance: 2001, Running Time: 6:11
World War Blues
  Date Performance: 2001, Running Time: 4:27
  Date Performance: 2001, Running Time: 5:56
She Don't Play By The Rules
  Date Performance: 2001, Running Time: 5:12

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SACD Issue Bonus Track:
Bad Dream Catcher
  Date Performance: 1999, Running Time: 3:08
    Guest Appearances »

Tom Canning, Lenny Castro, Steve(n) (Lee) (The Colonel) Cropper, Shannon Curfman, Bob Delgado, Joe Delgado, Joe Delgado, Bob Delgado, Tommy Eyre, Andy Fairweather-Low(e), Mick Fleetwood, Billy F. Gibbons, Dav(e)y (David Michael Gordon) Graham, Peter Green, Jeff Healey, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Red Holloway, John Lee Hooker, Jonny Lang, Darrel(l) Leonard, John McVie, Steve (Steven Haworth) Miller, (Robert William) Gary Moore, Wendy Moten, Billy (William Everett) Preston (Vasilisa), Chris Rea, Otis Rush, Greg Rzab, David (M.) Smith, Joe Sublett, Crystal Taliefero, Mick Taylor, Ernie Watts, Buddy (Robert Warrick) Whittington, Reese Wynans, Joe (Joseph Anthony) Yuele, David Z (Rivkin)

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Domestic Vinyl/CD Album

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Chad Brown (Engineer), Bill Cooper (Engineer), Ian Gorman (Engineer), Ron Lowe (Engineer), Joe McGrath (Engineer), Leslie Richter (Engineer), Jeff Szymanski (Engineer), Dan Vickers (Engineer), John Mayall (Producer), John Mayall (Producer), Maggie Parker (Mayall) (Producer), Dallas Bartley (Songwriter), Eric Bibb (Songwriter), Kevin Joseph Bowe (Songwriter), Earl Cate (Songwriter), Ernie Cate (Songwriter), Glen Clark (Songwriter), Collins Gene Cook (Songwriter), Bob Delgado (Songwriter), Joe Delgado (Songwriter), Joe Delgado (Songwriter), Bob Delgado (Songwriter), David Egan (Songwriter), Buddy Flett (Songwriter), Craig Lee Fuller (Songwriter), Leo Hickman (Songwriter), Louis Jordan (Songwriter), John Mayall (Songwriter), John Mayall (Songwriter), Marshall Paul (Songwriter), Jeff Silbar (Songwriter), Joe Stark (Songwriter), Stephen/Steve Thompson (Songwriter), Walter (C.) Trout (Songwriter), Tony Joe White (Songwriter), Jerry (Lynn) Williams (Songwriter), Stephen/Steve Marcussen (Mastering), John Mayall (Liner Notes), David Z (Rivkin) (Produced By), David Z (Rivkin) (Engineered By), David Z (Rivkin) (Mixed By), Ross Halfin (John Mayall Photographs By), John Mayall (Musician Portraits), Steve Hoffman (Remastered For SACD By), Lon Neumann (DSD (Master) Engineer), Beverly Taddei (SACD Manufacturing Coordinator), Beverly Taddei (SACD Pre-Production Coordinator), Bob Wynne Graphics (SACD Packaging), Audio Fidelity (SACD Manufactured By), Audio Fidelity (SACD Distributed By), Arnie Goodman (SACD Issue Liner Notes)

    Record Label »
Eagle Records/Red Ink/Audio Fidelity

    Catalogue Number »

18474 (Regular CD) AFZ/016 (SACD)

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    Liner Notes »

For standard CD release:

I would like to extend a very grateful ‘thank you’ to all my special guests and friends for their invaluable creative contributions to this most special musical project. It had been many times suggested over the years that I should put together an album that could once again bring together many of the great musicians identified with my past history. Due to contractual obligations, geographical obstacles, enormous traval and studio expenses, this has mainly remained a pipe dream until now.

After the sucess of Padlock On The Blues, Eagle Records, with great faith, came to me with the concept and support that would be necessary to accomplish a special project of this nature. It was then left to me to begin phoning around to get the right people involved. It was so terrific to have such a positive response whereby so many high profile artists expressed eagerness to be a part of this opportunity to work with me. During every stage of the recordings (which took me from Los Angeles to Nashville, to Chicago to London) the joyous feeling of creation was almost too good to be true.

So here and now I would like to thank all of my friends for their intense performances throughout: Billy F. Gibbons, Otis Rush, Shannon Curfman, Jonny Lang, Billy Preston, Jeff Healey, Mick Taylor, Peter Green, Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, Steve Miller, Gary Moore, Red Holloway, Andy Fairweather Low (sic), Chris Rea, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Steve Cropper, Davey Graham, Tom Canning, Reese Winans (sic), David Smith, Lenny Castro, Bob Delgado, Joe Delgado, Greg Rzab, Crystal Taliefero, Wendy Moten and my wonderful Bluesbreakers mainstays, Joe Yuele and Buddy Whittington.

To the writers: Walter Trout, Jerry Williams, Tony Joe White, Eric Bibb, Joe and Bob Delgado, Otis Rush, Kevin Bowe, Louis Jordan and others. I love the songs.

To the folks behind the scenes who enabled this to happen, I heartily appreciate your help - Mike Howell, John Knowles, Lindsay Brown, Bill Ham, Bob Small, Joyce Moore, Masaki Rush, Jake Walesch, Nigel Watson, Scott at Steve Cropper Travel, Magnolia Blue at our website:, Peter Gibson, Kip Trevor, Terry Smith, Bill Cooper, Mike Martsolf, Joanne Choi, Ross Halfin and my constant inspiration and life companion Maggie Mayall.

Last, but not least, none of this could have sounded so brilliant without my friend David Z, who did such a masterful job of producing and engineering this landmark album.

John Mayall, Los Angeles,
January 2001

Thanks to: American Recorders, Calabasas; Rod Mac Sween and ITB, London; Brodie Becker; Monterey Peninsula Artists, Chicago; Ocean Way Studios, Nashville; Chicago Recording Company Studios; Sam West Studios, London; Dr Z Amps; D'Addano Strings; Seymour Duncan Pickups; Scott Lentz Guitars; Sabine Tuners; Magic Parts; Groove Tubes; Barney Roach/Mainstream; Players Music, Hurst, Texas; Hohner Harmonicas; Kurzwell Keyboards; Paiste Cymbals; D.W./Drum Workshop; Regal Tip Drumsticks; Drum Paradise; Mark Cigainero; Christian Brooks @ Blues Suede Shoe.

Chris Rea appears courtesy of Magnet Records Limited
Billy F. Gibbons appears courtesy of RCA Records, Inc.
Jonny Lang appears courtesy of A&M Records, Inc.
Gary Moore appears courtesy of Sanctuary Reoords Group, Ltd
Shannon Curfman appears courtesy of J Records

(P) (C) 2001 Eagle Records.
Manufactured and Marketed by Red Ink, a division of Red Distribution.
Distributed exclusively in the United States by Red Distribution.

For SACD reissue:

How many people would think a white man from Manchester in the UK would open up the blues to so many people around the world. His name is John Mayall. John was brought into the British Blues scene by none other than Alexis Korner who convinced him to move up to London which was becoming the blues capitol of the world in the early sixties.

1963 was the year things started to happen for John when he formed the first lineup of the Blues Breakers. He was discovered by the legendary Mike Vernon, who was a staff producer for Decca records at the time. Their first single was "Crawling Up The Hill" backed by "Mr. James". The lineup was John McVie on bass, Roger Dean on guitar, Hughie Flint on drums and John Mayall on guitar, harmonica and keyboards. This was the first recorded lineup.

In a lot of ways John's career shadowed his Chicago predecessors. He seemed to run his band much in the same style of Muddy Waters - endless tours, lots of personal change and lots of records.

The three guitar players which Mayall will always be associated with are Eric Clapton, Peter Green and Mick Taylor. I remember the first time John came to the United States with Mick Taylor. There was such excitement because of Eric Clapton's success with Cream. The Bluesbreakers were like a finishing school for blues players. The direct result was Cream, Fleetwood Mac and Mick Taylor joining the Rolling Stones for their most productive period. There have been countless other musicians who have gone through the Mayall ranks over the last forty years. To name a few of the more noteable - Jack Bruce, Ansley Dunbar (sic), Keef Heartly (sic), Dick Heckstall Smith (sic), Harvey Mandel, Larry Taylor, Sugarcane Harris and Coco Montaya.

Mayall is still going strong in 2003. "Along For The Ride" brings along new members, past members of John Mayall's casts and also many great blues musicians who have admired John through the years (including John Lee Hooker). They've joined in to make a great album for a great ambassador of the Blues...John Mayall.

Arnie Goodman

Remastered For SACD at Kevin Gray's AcousTech Mastering, Camarillo, CA
WAVAC amplifiers from
Produced under license from Eagle Rock Ent., UK

Audio Fidelity
870 East Front Street, Suite 4
Ventura, California 93001
Ph: 805-648-5599
Toll Free: 1-866-203-0647
Fax: 805-648-7552
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Dual Layered Hybrid Super Audio CD Digital Audio. Direct Stream digital.
Compatable with all CD players
(C) 2003 Audio Fidelity, a division of Marada Music.
All Rights Reserved. This is copyrighted material. Unaurthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws and subject to civil and criminal prosecution. Printed in USA.

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one of the highlights of his career
Review written by Michael A. Cimino, September 19th, 2004

The best Classic Rock records have always been steeped in the Blues (think Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Foghat, ect.), so I'm not surprised that I've been buying a lot of discs lately from so-called "Blues Artists." Whether you consider John Mayall a gifted talent scout (having discovered scores of British Rock stars), an iconoclast (becoming a professional musician in his thirties), or the Father of the British Blues movement (few could argue with that), he has been perennially labeled a Blues cat. On his latest, Along for the Ride (Eagle Records), Mayall calls in many of his famous friends to lend a hand, and opposed to other star studded discs where the artist's own vision is compromised (think Santana's Supernatural) it is the guests who are along for the ride here. While Jeff Healey, Mick Taylor, Billy Preston, and ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons turn in fabulous performances, it is Mayall himself who flexes his muscles and comes up a winner. Not surprisingly, Mayall seeks out young talent, as well, to boost his latest effort, and if you haven't yet heard Shannon Curfman be forewarned. Curfman, a teenage ball of fire who duets with Mayall on "Testify," demands attention and breaks out with a guitar solo that would make Bonnie Raitt blush. If this disc were released 20 years ago it would have been labeled File Under Rock, but since it is 2001 go to the Blues section and buy John Mayall & Friends. It is one of the highlights of his career.

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Discography entry submitted by Mario Pirrone.