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Almeria Club - Hank Williams, Jr.

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Almeria Club (2002) - Hank Williams, Jr.

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Hank Williams, Jr.

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Last Pork ChopLyrics available
  Date Performance: 2001-03-00, Running Time: 3:22
  Comments: (Almeria) Hank Williams Jr.: While recording my tribute song to famous Kansas City Chiefs linebacker, Derrick Thomas and friend Mike Tellis, I remembered the time they took me to a little cafe that served bug appetites - Maxine’s. You know, hard work makes anybody hungry and recording at the Greater Pentecostal Temple in Kansas City all day was hard, so I invited my co-producer, Chuck Howard, and crew to Maxine’s. Man! Talk about smacking your lips - those were the best pork chops I had ever eaten...They melted in your mouth. I ate two, Chuck Howard only ate one, and while driving back to the hotel, Chuck quietly said “Man, why did I leave that last pork chop”. Bingo! I went to my room and wrote “Last Pork Chop”. Thanks Chuck and Maxine.
Go Girl GoLyrics available
  Date Performance: 2001-05-00, Running Time: 3:20
  Comments: (Shreveport) Hank Williams Jr.: This is the only song on this album I didn’t write entirely. One Sunday with nothing to do, I was relaxing in my office and noticed some CD’s with old 50’s Rockabilly songs. I listened to several of the CD’s and found “Go Girl Go”. I liked the opening lines and decided to rewrite the rest - “Go Girl Go” - it’s a kicker!
The "F" WordLyrics available
  Date Performance: 2001-03-00, Running Time: 3:19
  Comments: (Almeria) Kid Rock appears courtesy of Top Dog/Lava/Atlantic Recording Corporation. Hank Williams Jr.: Kid Rock (Bob Ritchie) says he’s my rebel son, and that’s all right with me. We have become close friends over the past couple of years. He comes down to my farm to hang out and get away from all the pressures of the music business. One day we were comparing notes on the difference between country and today’s rock music. We determined the main difference is that in country music, you just can’t use the “F” word."
If The Good Lord's Willin' (And The Creeks Don't Rise)Lyrics available
  Date Performance: 2001-03-00, Running Time: 4:43
  Comments: (Almeria) Hank Williams Jr.: My father always closed his radio shows and personal appearances with the phrase, “If the good Lord’s willin’ and the creeks don’t rise; I’ll see you tomorrow, at this same time, or someplace some other time”. I ran across his handwritten lyrics in a collection of papers my mother left me. I checked and found he never recorded this song. So, I put the melody to it, and I might say the music jumped off the pages and into my head. Thanks Dad.
X-Treme CountryLyrics available
  Date Performance: 2001-03-00, Running Time: 3:06
  Comments: (Almeria) Hank Williams Jr.: Everything you see or hear nowadays is advetised as X-TREME so and so; X-Treme Games, X-Treme Generation, etc...I decided definitely, I am X-treme Country.
Last Pork ChopLyrics available
  Date Performance: 2001-03-00, Running Time: 4:24
  Comments: (Acoustic) (Almeria) Hank Williams Jr.: After Daddy became a huge star he decided to record recitations under the name “Luke the Drifter” so not to confuse the public. Like Dad, I decided to use another name when I sing the blues (which I love so much). Meet “Thunderhead Hawkins”.
Big Top WomenLyrics available
  Date Performance: 2001-03-00, Running Time: 3:10
  Comments: (Almeria) Hank Williams Jr.: This song says it all for real men and all-American boys. This was one of the most difficult songs to record. The musicians and I couldn’t stop laughing through the entire song. Hey man, go to any courthouse around lunchtime and you will be “truly moved” and inspired. Ba-Ba-Boom (Mrs. Hawkins is a 38F).
The Cheatin' HotelLyrics available
  Date Performance: 2001-05-00, Running Time: 5:11
  Comments: (Shreveport) Chris Thile, Sara Watkins and Sean Watkins appear courtesy of Sugar Hill Records. Hank Williams Jr.: I heard the brother of a famous radio and television personality talking about people who get caught in the web of being unfaithful and checking into the cheating hotel. I thought what a great idea for a song, so I wrote it.
Outdoor Lovin' ManLyrics available
  Date Performance: 2001-05-00, Running Time: 4:03
  Comments: (Shreveport) Hank Williams Jr.: When I was 17 or 18, I learned to play the five string banjo from the greatest there’s ever been - Earl Scruggs. I used to play the “five” during all my shows and I loved it. I never recorded with a five string banjo before, so I wrote the story of who I really am with “Outdoor Lovin’ Man”.
Almeria JamInstrumental
  Date Performance: 2001-03-00, Running Time: 2:01
  Comments: (Almeria) Hank Williams Jr.: The night was getting late, and we had a full day of making great music in the old schoolhouse now called The Almeria Club. The feel was so right that nobody wanted to quit, so we jammed the night away.
Tee Tot SongLyrics available
  Date Performance: 2001-05-00, Running Time: 3:54
  Comments: (Possibly Shreveport) Hank Williams Jr.: Now, Mr. Rufus Payne, better known as “Tee Tot”, has become one of the most important men in the music business. He never made a record. He never appeared on TV, and he never had his picture taken for us to see. But he changed the entire world of music when he taught my father, as a boy of thirteen, to play guitar and introduced him to the Blues. Daddy said, in so many words, “My musical education was learned at the school of Tee Tot”. This song was inside of me for a long time, and I’m glad it finally came out. I’m most proud of my tribute to Tee Tot.
Cross On The HighwayLyrics available
  Date Performance: 2001-05-00, Running Time: 7:07
  Comments: (Shreveport) Hank Williams Jr.: I've noticed, in my travels, small crosses on the side of interstates and in the curves of backcoutry roads. I always wondered who died there and how did it happen. Not until my close friends, Derrick Thomas and Mike Tellis, met their tragic deaths, the results of a sudden ice storm in Kansas City, did I know the real meaning and significance of those little crosses. I don’t know the exact spot where they met their maker, but I placed two crosses in this song so all will know their names, and like all the other crosses, the meaning of how much they will be missed.
America Will SurviveLyrics available
  Date Performance: 2001, Running Time: 4:50
  Comments: (Studio Version) Hank Williams Jr.: This was originally “A Country Boy Can Survive”, but after September 11th,...
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James Burton, Tramp Camp, Ira Dean, Ricky (Re'chard) Fataar, Larry Franklin, Jimmy Hall, Steve Herrmon, Donny Herron, John Hinchey, Jim/James R. Horn, James (Hutch) Hutchinson, (Cowboy) Eddie Long, Heidi Newfield, Jimmy Nichols, Nickel Creek, Kenny Olson, Kid Rock (Robert James Ritchie), The Greater Pentecostal Temple Choir And Band, Chris Thile, Chris Thile, Jimmie (Bones) Trombly, Wayne (Animal) Turner, Rick Vito, Sean Watkins, Sara Watkins, Sean Watkins, Sara Watkins, Reese Wynans

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Domestic Vinyl/CD Album

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Bob Campbell-Smith (Engineer), Daniel Majorie (Engineer), Jeff Watkins (Engineer), Jessie Staggs (Songwriter), Eugene Wells (Songwriter), Hank Williams (Sr.) (Songwriter), Hank Williams, Jr. (Songwriter), Glenn Sweitzer (Art Direction), Glenn Sweitzer (Design), Kay Knight (Liner Notes), Chuck Howard (Produced By), Hank Williams, Jr. (Produced By)

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Curb/WEA (Atlantic)

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On a warm, muggy southern evening in 1947, the Almeria Club, decorated with sweat and musical appreciation, hosted a gathering of unbelievable music and mayhem

The mugginess of the night had cigarette smoke dancing in mid-air. Incredible music permeated its wooden walls. Story goes an irate boyfriend busted into the Almeria looking for his sweetheart who was at the joint jiving with someone she shouldn’t have been.

Tensions rose. Then gunshots.

Hank Sr. and “Miss Audrey” jumped out a backstage window and escaped through the thicket and nearby woods.

On a warm, muggy southern evening in the 21st century, The Almeria Club, decorated with sweat and musical appreciation, hosted a gathering of unbelievable music and perhaps a little mayhem...

"When I heard that story, that just did it for me. I just had to record my album at the Almeria Club even though you could see the dirt through the cracks and there were poisonous snakes living under the floor." The Almeria Club, a one hundred plus year old gem, served its role as a schoolhouse, a social club and now recording studio. "The acoustics were perfect," says Hank Williams Jr.

From the schoolhouse, learn about the lives of Thunderhead Hawkins or Rufus Payne, the gentleman credited with instructing a very young Hank Sr. about music and how to play the guitar. From the social club, mingle with the diversity of music... bluesy, soulful, acoustic folk and country featuring the likes of Kid Rock and Nickel Creek. From the recording studio, discover a taste of yet another chapter from one of the most influential artists in all of music history.

The Road to the Ameria Club:

In January, Hank Williams Jr. was invited to a fish fry near his property in Troy, Alabama at a community center called the Almeria Club. The former schoolhouse, built in 1907, is in the Ameria Community of Bullock County. Hank had heard stories about a fight that had broken out there during a performance by his famous father in 1947. According to the story, related by an old gentleman who told Hank he was there, an irate husband or boyfriend busted into the building looking for his sweetheart, who was apparently at the concert with someone she shouldn’t have been. When the man pulled out a gun, Hank Sr. and “Miss Audrey” jumped out a window backstage and ran though the woods to escape the gunfire.

Hank decided he wanted to begin work on his new album right there in that same building where his parents had performed. Two months later, in a 24-hour span, the former one-room school house was transformed into a recording studio. According to Hank, all the Almeria Club building took was some additional power. The acoustics were absolutely perfect.

In addition to the Ameria Club session, recording for the song “Cross On The Highway”, was done with Bishop Marvin E. Donaldson at The Greater Pentecostal Temple in Kansas City, Kansas, where Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Derrick Thomas’ memorial service was held.

The nest stop was the stage at the Municipal Auditorium in Shreveport, Louisiana, which once housed the Louisiana Hayride, a KWKH radio show known as “The Cradle of the Stars”. Hank Sr.’s career was launched there when he joined the Hayride in August 1948. Soon after, Hank Sr. moved to Shreveport, and Randall Hank Williams was born there May 26, 1949.

Hank and Chuck Howard co-produced this project, consisting of some great country blues - with a high-end acoustic feel. It features a combinatio of fiddle, banjo, upright piano and slide guitar, played by musicians who were brought in from Los Angeles, Nashville and Austin, Texas. While many of these musicians have never played with Hank before, they are listed in the Who’s Who of top musicians in the recording world.

Kay Knight

Almeria Community Club

In 1909 the Almeria School, a one-room school house, was erected in the small community of Almeria, Alabama in Bullock County. Another room was added in 1915, that is now the stage of the current Almeria Community Club. When the students from Almeria School were moved to Inverness in 1946, the building was purchased from the state and became a community club. In the 1950’s the Almeria Club won numerous awards for best community exhibits at the Alabama State Fair. Through the years, to raise money for improvements, the club has been used as a headquaters for a Fox Hunter’s Club, for barbecues, and it currently furnishes a place for many community activities.

Louisiana Hayride:

The Louisiana Hayride originated in Shreveport, April 3, 1948. Its first big star was Hank Williams. The Hayride-Hank combination put them both on the map as thousands cheered every Saturday night to the remarkable performance of Hank’s “Lovesick Blues”. The show established itself as the “Cradle of the Stars”, a place where careers were made. In its first ten years, in addition to Hank, it launched the stardom of Webb Pierce, Faron Young, Slim Whitman, Kitty Wells, Carl Smith, Johnny Horton, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Bob Luman and a host of singers, songwriters, musicians, producers, publishers and business agents who make up a community of legends within the American music world.

Musicians contributing to the album at the Almeria Club and Shreveport sessions were:
Re’chard (Ricky) Fataar - Drums
James “Hutch” Hutchinson - Bass
Reese Wynans - Piano, Hammond B3 Organ
Rick Vito - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Dobro
James Burton - Electric Guitar

Almeria Club session:
Tramp Camp - Fiddle, Mandolin

Kansas City Session:
The Greater Pentecostal Temple Choir And Band
Studio musicians:
Jimmy Hall - Harmonica
Donny Herron - Lap Steel Guitar, Fiddle
Wayne “Animal” Turner - Electric Guitar
“Cowboy” Eddie Long - Steel Guitar
Jimmy Nichols - Keyboard
Heidi Newfield - Harmonica
Ira Dean - Bass, Harmony Vocals, Horn
Larry Franklin - Fiddle
James Horn - Sax
Steve Herrmon - Trumpet
John Hinchey - Trombone

Kid Rock:
Kid Rock - Background Vocals, Electric Guitar
Kenny Olson - Electric Guitar
Jimmie “Bones” Trombly - Background Vocals

Nickel Creek:
Chris Thile - Mandolin
Sara Watkins - Fiddle
Sean Watkins - Acoustic Guitar

Thank You

Almeria, AL - March 19-23, 2001
(The Almeria Club - Est. 1909)
Ms. Zelda Mae
Audie Davis
Chris Neal & Neil Pond -
Country Weekly Magazine
Alice Harp - Historian
Sheriff Russell Thomas & Deputies (Pike County)
Bob Smith
Jeff Watkins, Daniel Majorie - Engineers
Bob Campbell-Smith
Merle Kilgore
Cecil & Betty Jackson - Hank Williams Museum (Montgomery, AL)
Sisters Restaurant Catering (Troy, AL)
CMT “Inside Fame”

Kansas City, KS - March 3, 2001
The Greater Pentecostal Temple
Bishop Marvin E. Donaldson
Greater Pentecostal Choir & Musicians
Jamie Woolard
Kathy Gangwisch - Photographer
Hector Sierra - Photographer of Derrick Thomas & Hank Jr.

Shreveport, LA - May 8-10, 2001
(Louisiana Hayride Stage in the Municipal Auditorium)
Maggie & Alton Warwick - Shreveport Louisiana Hayride Co. LLC
Gene Haynes/Joh Mayewski - Casino Magic Limo Service (Bossier City, LA)
Tillman Franks (for the use of his famous stand-up bass fiddle)
Ralph & Koco’s Restaurant Catering (Bossier City, LA)
Municipal Auditorium (Shreveport, LA) - Joe Brown

Other special thanks to:
Aunt Loretta Fleming (Audrey’s sister)
Aunt Lela Griffin (Hank Sr.s’s sister)
The staff of Hank Williams Jr. Enterprises
Gibson Music Instruments, Dean Markley Strings, GHS Strings, Reavey Electronics
Vic Firth
Daniel Majorie - Photography in Almeria and Shreveport
Bobby Tomberlin - The Audrey Williams/Hank Jr. (age 9) introduction to “If The Good Lord’s Willin’ (And The Creeks Don’t Rise)


Merle Kilgore Management
2 Music Circle South
Nashville, TN 37203
Phone: 615/472-3622 or 731/642-745


William Morris Agency
2100 West End Ave., Ste. 1000
Nashville, TN 37203
Phone: 615/963-3000

Fan Club:


Or Write:

Hank Williams Jr. Fan Club
P.O. Box 850
Paris, TN 38242

Art Direction/Design: Glenn Sweitzer - Fresh Design, Nashville

(C) 2002 (P) 2002 Curb Records Inc. Manufactured and distributed by Curb Records Inc.
Nashville, TN 37203.

Printed in the USA.

Warning: All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

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One of my favorites..
Review written by (, June 28th, 2008

This is by far one of my favorite albums. The mix between new and old, and especially the Tee Tot song and the Porch Chop song send this one over the edge for me.

Blues feel helps big time but it can't do everything
Review written by John Fitzgerald, September 15th, 2004

The one thing that surprised me the most about "Almeria club" was it's strong blues leanings though it may just be that I am not familiar enough with Hank Jr.'s works to not pigeon hole him in to the country mold. There sure is country a plenty on this disc though, such as "The "F" word" (featuring fiddle) and "The cheatin' hotel" with it's slowish tempo and acoustic & steel guitars and piano arrangement. A big problem here though is that the lyrics to most songs are mostly too silly to be taken seriously, even if you do try to ignore them such as on the fast country sounding "Big top women" and on the opening "Last pork chop" though the Mississippi blues feel on this track works very well with a brilliant mix of acoustic & electric guitars. The acoustic version of this song (also included on the album) has the perfect tempo required and the sound is true due to it's minimal use of vocals, harmonica & acoustic guitar but those words make it sound like a "make fun" take (to me). "Go girl go" is a slidy boogie featuring harmonica and "If the good lord's willin' (And the creeks don't rise)" is an effective blues stomp type speed. "X-treme country" only sounds country I think due to the featured fiddle on the track but it is the same tempo as the previous track. "Outdoor lovin' man" is a fast acoustic guitar & fiddle bouncy yowler. There's also "Tee tot song" which is an acoustic country blues howler and the promising "Almeria jam" isn't bad by any means, but the prominent acoustic guitar & boogie style piano on the track don't really end up going anywhere with the theme. The organ on "Cross on the highway" gives the song a Gospel feel and the closing "America will survive (studio version)" has a good mix of electric & acoustic guitars with a good premise but after hearing it, it makes you wonder if the (apparently) other existing versions of this song (which are NOT included here) may be more authoritative. Overall though the blues feeling may make this worthwhile for those fans out there of more roots orientated music but this is a mixed bag as far as tunes themselves go.

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Unfortunately, there's no symbols in the album liner notes clearly indicating which tracks were recorded at which sessions (i.e. Almeria, Shreveport etc.). However, Rick Vito was able to confirm for us which tracks were from which sessions for the most part (see above notes).

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