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Burning Down The House - Feature Film/TV Episode

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Burning Down The House (2001) - Feature Film/TV Episode

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John Ales, William Atherton, Rene Auberjonois, Joanne Baron, Orson Bean, Luca Bercovici, Ceasar Cavaricci, Darren (Jack) Dalton, Kristen Dalton, Leslie Danon, James Faulkner, Mick Fleetwood, Arye Gross, C(hristopher) Thomas Howell, China Kantner, David Keith, John Savage, James Wilder

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What's Goin' On
  Date Performance: 2001
  Comments: Performed by Kim Principal
Rattlesnake ShakeLyrics available
  Date Performance: 1970-04-09, Running Time: 0:39
  Comments: (Excerpt) Performed by Fleetwood Mac (Courtesy of Fleetwood Records, Ltd.) From Radio 1 “In Concert”. Recorded at the Paris Cinema, Lower Regent Street, London. First broadcast April 19, 1970 (P) 1970 BBC
From The Pan To The Fire
  Date Performance: 2001
  Comments: Performed by Kim Principal
  Date Performance: 2001
  Comments: Performed by Kim Principal
All I Ever Wanted
  Date Performance: 2001
  Comments: Performed by Kim Principal
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James P. Cappe, Chris Field, Mick Fleetwood, Mick Fleetwood, Fleetwood Mac, Peter Green, Peter Green, Reginald (H.) Hooks(, Sr.), Danny Kirwan, Danny Kirwan, John McVie, John McVie, Cassidy Phillips, Kim Principal, Jeremy Spencer, Jeremy Spencer, Tracy (E.) Wilson, Tracy Zahoryin

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Russell (J.) Fetherolf (Songwriter), Peter Green (Songwriter), Peter Green (Songwriter), Jeff(rey) (R.) Marsh (Songwriter), Paul Ecke (Executive Producer), Julie Ecke (Executive Producer), Lizabeth Meyer (Executive Producer), David Meyer (Executive Producer), Sandy (Sandford) Passman (Executive Producer), Brandon Brooks (Production Assistant), Derek Lebrero (Production Assistant), George Patouliotis (Production Assistant), Cassidy Phillips (Co-Producer), Robyn T. Migel (Luers) (Editor), Philippe Mora (Directed By), Glenn S. Gainor (Associate Producer), Robyn T. Migel (Luers) (Associate Producer), Valerie Ann Nemeth (Associate Producer), Michael Wallach (Associate Producer), Dan Gillham (Director Of Photography), Rod(ney) Greene (Production Coordinator), Joanne Baron (Produced By), Elise Pritcher (Produced By), John Savage (Produced By), James Wilder (Produced By), Rhea Lisa (Hair), Elise Pritcher (Line Producer), Jeff(rey) (R.) Marsh (Music By), Foto-Kem Film And Video Industries/Laboratories (Color By), Michael Cole Dinelli (Screenplay By), Oliver French (Production Designer), Ann (Gray) Lambert (Costume Designer), Cassidy Phillips (Unit Production Manager), Norman Marcus (2nd Assistant Director), Phil(ip) Elins (1st Assistant Director), Shana (L.) Taylor (Prop Master), Dina (S.) Khouri (Still Photographer), Kelley R. Young (Script Supervisor), Jean Scoccimar(r)o(, C.S.A.) (Casting By), Doug Frey (Boom Operator), Jim Mustol (Boom Operator), James/Jim (H.) Sweeney (Gaffer), Eric Schmidt (Electrician), Dwayne Barr (Key Grip), Dwayne Barr (Dolly Grip), George Patouliotis (Craft Service), T&T Optical Effects Company (Titles), Jeremy Wheeler (Loader), Brett Ladner (Best Boy), Shirley Kurata (Wardrobe Assistant), Clare MacCarley (Wardrobe Assistant), John Overacker (Swing), Joe/Joseph (A.) Dolegows(k)i (2nd 2nd Assistant Director), Doug Andorka (Re-Recording Mixer), Jussi Tegelman (Re-Recording Mixer), Matt Forsyth (Foley Recordist), Erik Blank (ADR Editor), Keith Burhans (ADR Editor), James Branaman (Set Dresser), Quito Cooksey (Set Dresser), Morten Kragh (Set Dresser), Tanya Monge (Set Dresser), Carin Ford (Sound Effects Editor), Lisa Hannan (Sound Effects Editor), Eriq/Eric (J./P.) Jaffe (Sound Effects Editor), John Kohlbrenner (Sound Effects Editor), Paul (N(ils) J(orgen)) Ottosso(n) (Sound Effects Editor), Melissa Sewell (Sound Effects Editor), Jussi Tegelman (Sound Effects Editor), Debby VanPoucke/Van Poucke (Sound Effects Editor), Pat(rick) (M.) Griffith(, M.P.S.E.) (Supervising Sound Editor), Galen Walker (Supervising Sound Editor), Sanaa Campenela (Foley Artist), Steve(n) Buhai (Production Supervisor), Don(ald) Nelson (Production Sound Mixer), Michael Golden (Assistant To The Producers), Koyla Brandt (2nd Unit Director Of Photography), Michael Gonzalez (2nd AC), James Branaman (Art Assistant), Quito Cooksey (Art Assistant), Morten Kragh (Art Assistant), Tanya Monge (Art Assistant), Dave Tanaka (1st AC), Scott Jenson (Best Boy Electric), Nichol Moon Entertainment (Production Services Provided By), B&W Digital Post (Telecine), Film And Video Systems (Negative Cutting), Absolute Catering (Catering Provided By), Armand Garabidian (Post-Production Supervisor), Mark(us) Innocenti (Post-Production Supervisor), David Stillwell (Office Production Assistant), Barbara Stolzoff (Office Production Assistant), Chris Field (Additional Music By), Daniel Yorke (Key Set PA), Dave Whiten (Colortimer), Dennis Carr (EPK Produced By), Dennis Carr (EPK Directed By), Digital Sound Works (Post Sound Provided By), Digital Sound Works (Mixed At), DuArt Film And Video (Blow Up), Erik Blank (Dialogue), Keith Burhans (Dialogue), J(.)G(.) Films(, Inc.) (Additional Negative Cutting), James Anderson (Police), Joseph Claridge (Police), Jennifer Brooks (Makeup Assistant), Veronique Guillem (Makeup Assistant), Ketzel Sterling (Assistant To Mr. Mora), Lori Jean Swanson (Ms. Baron's Makeup), Maria K. Battle (Additional 2nd Assistant Director), Michael Cole Dinelli (Co Producer), Moonlight Bay, Inc. (Post Production Facilities Provided By), Rhea Lisa (Key Makeup), Richard Rinesdorf (One Sheet Photographer), Ricky DeLena (Post Production Audio Coordinator), Shawn(-)Holly Cookson (Holly) (Ms. Baron's Wardrobe), Steven Ritt (Animal Wrangler), Stuart Naifeh (2nd Unit 1st AC)

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Vanguard Entertainment

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VF 3227 (Original Issue)

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Jammin' Jo Productions in association with The Pritcher Forman Company presents

A Philippe Mora film

Burning Down The House


John Savage - Jake Seiling
James Wilder - Arnie Green
Joanne Baron - Brenda Goodman
William Atherton (Bread and Roses, Pelican Brief, Die Hard I & II) - Arthur Kranston
Arye Gross (Minority Report, Gone in 60 Seconds) - Bob Washington
Rene Auberjonois (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Batman Forever, The Patriot) - Pierre

And featuring:

Mick Fleetwood (Fleetwood Mac) - Bartender

Orson Bean - Sy
John Ales - Francois
C. Thomas Howell - Concierge
Luca Bercovici - Repo Man
Ceasar Cavaricci - Ray


David Keith (Behind Enemy Lines, U-571, An Officer and a Gentleman) - Carolina

Leslie Danon - Julie
Darren (Jack) Dalton - Man at Bar
Kristen Dalton - Woman at Bar
James Faulkner - Hal Lander
China Kantner - Casting Office Assistant

Tracy Zahoryin - Tracy
Cassidy Phillips - Matre D'
James P. Cappe - Man in Restaurant
Tracy E. Wilson - Party Girl
Reginald H. Hooks, Sr. - Man at Party

Screenplay by Michael Cole Dinelli adapted from his stageplay "High Tension In The Tropics"

Special Thanks to:

The Screen Actors Guild and to the Directors Guild of America
Steve Eckelberry
Keslow Camera
Location Sound Services
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
L.A. County Film Office
Phillip Dane's Cigar Lounge
Rasputan's Restaurant
Jensen Grip & Electric
UPP Entertainment
Nancy Hirami
Steve Nemeth
Shelly Strong
Carl Stubner

This motion picture is protected under the laws of the United States and other countries. Unauthorized duplication, distribution or exhibition may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution.

The persons and events in this motion picture are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons or events is unintentional.

Copyright (C) 1999 Medicine Show Productions

Original DVD Issue Notes:

Vanguard Cinema in association with Rogue Arts and present

A Philippe Mora film

From the director of Communion

"8.8 out of 10!" - User Rating

A down-and-out film director burns down his house to collect insurance money in order to finance his film. Soon everyone wants a piece of it.

Jake Seiling (John Savage - Thin Red Line, Summer of Sam, Godfather III, The Deer Hunter) has a vision he wants to bring to the big screen. The problem is he doesn't have the money to pull it off. Despite being Hollywood's erstwhile wunder-kind director, his claim to fame is a drunken punch he landed squarely on the nose of the biggest studio exec in town. Enters Arnie Green (James Wilder - Melrose Place, Models Inc, Perfume, Allie & Me), a notorious B-movie con man/producer with a veneer of what today might pass as charm. Together they concoct a plan - to burn down Jake's house and collect the insurance money for financing the film. Only Jake's ex, fallen movie star Brenda Goodman (Joanne Baron - Perfume, Allie & Me, Hard Luck), catches the whole scam on Polaroid. Now they really have problems unless they include her in the movie, bribe the insurance investigator who is, what else, an actor and whoever else wants a piece of the action. Burning Down the House; an unflinching, out-of-control black comedy in the flavor of The Player and Mistress.



English Language

Not Rated

DVD Extra: Electronic Press Kit

(C) 2001 Rogue Arts

(C) 2002 All Rights Reserved

(C) 2003 Vanguard Cinema Home Video

This DVD recording is licensed for private home DVD use only. Any copying, reproduction, or public performance is a violation of the Copyright law, and is prohibited.

DVD Video

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DVD Release Date: May 27, 2003

Electronic Press Kit running time: 7:02

It doesn't appear as though a soundtrack album was ever released for this movie. The tracklisting above is the list of songs that appear in the film according to the end credits.

Aside from Mick's acting part in the film, the only other Fleetwood Mac related piece of interest is an exceprt of Fleetwood Mac's Rattlesnake Shake which appears as background music in once scene in the movie. Neither the group nor Peter Green, Danny Kirwan, Jeremy Spencer or John McVie actually appear in the film other than in the audio track of said scene.

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