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There's A Heaven (4/5.04/5.04/5.04/5.04/5.0)
Weston covers the bases.
Review written by chiliD, September 1st, 2004

Just got a copy of Bob Weston's latest solo album.

Trying to keep the expectations to a minimum, and really never knowing what Bob's VOICE is like, I plopped it into the player...(I'm just typing my thoughts here upon my very first listen through)

There's A Heaven Above-a funky soft rock/R&B feel. Duet between Bob W. & Lianne Carrol...sounds kind of Kenny Loggins-ish, only infinitely BETTER.

Icarus Wings-another duet; an uptempo country-ish feel (think "She's Changing Me" from Heroes Are Hard To Find) with a bass line that is MORE than reminiscent of Otis Redding's "Can't Turn You Loose"...acoustic guitar really drives the beat

Lady Hurricane-a kind of spacey feel...Indian Tablas are the featured percussion...acoustic guitar with open tuning, overall song has a very Stephen Stills feel (think "4+20")

Walkin' Blues-NOT the Robert Johnson song, but a cool groove tune sort of Steely Dan meets Ry Cooder...with some great slide guitar work.

Troubled Man-Bob gets into a smooth jazz groove here...again a Steely Dan/Michael McDonald-era Doobie Bros feel...with some guitar fills that I could've sworn were played by Larry Carlton or Lee Ritenour...but, no it's Bob.

Enigma Files-instrumental-opens with a pseudo-Flamenco guitar, then transforms into an almost spy-movie soundtrack type feel with thick keyboards and multi-layers of guitars.

De Da Do Do (for Dixie)--a short little acoustic guitar instrumental ditty with a Dixieland jazz feel.

Walk Away--a 12/8 blues feel that Bob's blues roots show through...this could be either a Splinter Group tune or a Rick Vito tune.

Indian Blue--another instrumental with multi-layers of guitars, harmonica and tablas...a very Mississippi Delta feel, BUT, the addition of the tablas give it that East Indian feel (sort of Ravi Shankar meets Robert Johnson & Muddy Waters!). My favorite tune on the album upon the first go 'round...sor far, that is.

Shaken Not Stirred-instrumental...a very "loungy" Latin jazz feel...nylon string guitar, piano, bass & percussion...sort of picks up where Eric Clapton's "Reptile" (the song) leaves off. Also, has alot of Django Reinhardt influence as well. I picture an old nightclub from the '30's or '40's with the audience in formal wear, martini glasses with the small bamboo umbrellas.

Letting Go-obviously NOT the Wings tune But, this has a groove that initially seems like a cross between Paul McCartney's acoustic things and a Stephen Stills solo acoustic stuff...but the drums & bass lay down a nice driving, but subtle groove. Throughout the vocal tunes, it surprises me that Bob's voice is smoother and higher than I had expected...I thought his voice would be gruffer than it is...more like Dave Mason's...but, I'm glad I was wrong.

Night Hawk-the electric guitar takes center stage on this...many groove changes from driving to light & lilting...again, lots of layered guitars, but the one out front lead guitar is what I had in my mind...the sudden end is a bit of a shock...but its a quick segue into...

All The Love In The World--Lianne Carrol takes the vocal lead on this one...a bit of a Carribbean/Calypso-esque feel to this it starts, I can hear in my head Christine McVie singing this one...WOW! The chorus comes in and it shifts from the Carribbean feel to a West African feel...thick vocal choruses make it sound like it could be a left over song from "The Lion King"...I love this one! Great album closer.

And, there you have it.