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Scottish Gordon has contributed 1 review to The Penguin: Everything That is Fleetwood Mac:

The Wild Heart (5/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.0)
Better than Zeppelin
Review written by Scottish Gordon from Edinburgh, November 11th, 2005

This album is the most complete body of work ever released by anyone. Smooth sophisticated songwritng with a production putting a fantastic sheen on beautiful songs like "Sable on Blond" and "Nightbird". Also, "Stand Back" is simply the greatest pop/dance/rock single ever released - it still holds up 22 years later. Stevie peaked with this album and nothing by the Mac came close altho Rock a Little nearly matched it. I never heard any other singer or band write as many well crafted songs as Ms Nicks - the greatest female songwriter of the 20th century.