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Kevin has contributed 10 reviews to The Penguin: Everything That is Fleetwood Mac:

Tusk (2/5.02/5.02/5.02/5.02/5.0)
Review written by Kevin from Cleveland, August 27th, 2004

This album is full of Lindsey junk. His songs are really bad that they take away from Stevie and Christine's decent songs. Every Lindsey song on here has a crazy, intense, crappy melody. They are just so awful that I cannot pick a favorite. Stevie and Christine's songs are atleast normal but none of them compare to their earlier work except maybe "Sara". "Storms and "Sara" are the best ones on here. "Think About Me", "Angel" and "Sisters of the Moon" are probably next on the list because they all have nice melodies and music. Christine's songs on here tend to be somewhat bland and definitely weaker than her past work. I do like "Honey Hi" and "Brown Eyes" but they don't have what "Songbird" and "Morning Rain" have. If you can still hear after Lindsey's screeching then you could find "Never Forget" enjoyable. I don't suggest to buy this if you are starting out. The only song worth having is "Storms" since "Sara" is cut short due to Lindsey's crappy songs.

Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac (5/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.0)
I Got The Blues
Review written by Kevin, August 25th, 2004

If you want to hear blues then grab this album. If you want to hear a totally different-sounding Fleetwood Mac, pick up this album. It's amazing what two people can contribute to a band because this sounds nothing like the Stevie-Lindsey period. It's a shame that this isn't as well known as the later period because it's great. You've got Jeremy Spencer with his slide guitar and jamming on my favorites "My Heart Beat Like A Hammer" and "Shake Your Moneymaker". I like the fact that he didn't use the same riff for each song. Peter Green's best on here are "Long Grey Mare" and "No Place To Go". All the songs on here are good except I could do without "The World Keep On Turning". If you want to hear blues or a different Fleetwood Mac, buy this album now.

Mystery To Me (5/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.0)
Review written by Kevin from Ohio, August 20th, 2004

You want more Bob Welch? You got more Bob Welch on "Mystery To Me". This starts off with the fabulous "Emerald Eyes". Christine's "Believe Me" is an amazing, bouncy song which is one of her best songs. Then comes the filler "Just Crazy Love" which is just a simple ballad and a weak effort by McVie. Then comes the numinous "Hypnotized" and the bouncy-with-a-reggae-feel "Forever". Christine sings Welch's "Keep On Going" nicely but it's not a memorable song and neither is Welch's "The City". "Miles Away" and "Somebody" are both rock numbers and both great songs by Welch. "The Way I Feel" is a decent ballad by McVie and "For Your Love" is decent. And then there's "Why". It's just such a beautiful song. This makes up for her three weaker songs (minus "Believe Me"). Welch and McVie show what they are capable of doing with "Mystery To Me" and they show it well.

Kiln House (5/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.0)
Good Work
Review written by Kevin, August 20th, 2004

Following after Green's departure is definitely tough work but the rest of the band pulled it off well. The albums contains three amazing tracks and two bombs and the rest are all good. So, we start off with Jeremy's "This Is The Rock" with a 50's style sound to it. This song is forgettable and bland. There's nothing to it and Jeremy's imitation of Gene Vincent is good but he should should have tried sounding original. "Station Man" is amazing and it definitely makes this album worth money. Great guitar, vocals, and lyrics and it's a group effort. Spencer's "Blood On The Floor" is country-flavored and really bad. It's the worst off the album if you don't like country (me!). "Hi Ho Silver" is a good rocker for the album and brings some relief over the other two bad songs. "Jewel Eyed Judy" is a masterpiece. This is the song that made me get the album. Kirwan's guitarwork is incredible and his vocals really blend well. "Buddy's Song" is Jeremy's tribute to Buddy Holly and it's a nice short song. It's nothing extraordinary but it's worth a listen. "Earl Gray" is a good instrumental and Kirwan does a good job with it. "One Together" is a softer song from Jeremy and it works well with the album. Definitely his best song on here. Danny's "Tell Me All Things You Do" is definitely the "rocking" song on here. It's quick-paced although the lyrics aren't that great. The music makes up for the lyrics. This is another hidden gem. The last song "Mission Bell" is mediocre. It's just kind of out there. The band did a good job following Green's exit and I believe some of these songs are much better than Green ever wrote. I believe Spencer's lack of motivation definitely shows on this album as Kirwan pretty much makes this album worth a listen. Spencer really started off great in the beginning but as soon as the band headed for mainstream rock, he lost the magic. If you like Spencer, I'd suggest "Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac" and if you like Kirwan this album and "Bare Trees" are definitely two albums to own. I'd buy this album for the three masterpieces because they are worth every cent.

Future Games (5/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.0)
Great, Great, Great
Review written by Kevin, August 20th, 2004

Just when you think they can't get any better than they are, they get better! The "identity" search seemed to be a success here. This is one of the best albums of the post-Green, pre-Stevie period. You start off with the somber ballad, "Woman of 1000 Years", the best of Kirwan's effort here. Next is the rocky "Morning Rain" which is one of McVie's most underrated songs (Best on the album). Next is the decent, groovy "What A Shame". "Future Games" is a nice, mellow song but can get a bit boring during the middle. "Sands of Time" is Kirwan's nice country-rock effort, quite enjoyable. "Sometimes" is a bit of a bland love song by Kirwan. "Lay It All Down" is a nice rocker by Welch and the closing song "Show Me A Smile" is a weaker ballad by Christine. Recommended!

Penguin (4/5.04/5.04/5.04/5.04/5.0)
Good Effort
Review written by Kevin from Ohio, August 19th, 2004

This album is good but not great. Some of the highlights on this are Christine's efforts especially "Dissatisfied" and "Remember Me". Bob has had better songs than this but the song that stands out is "Revelation" which seems kind of mystical. Dave Walker's fine moment is bluesy "(I'm A) Road Runner". The worst effort is "The Derelict" which has a country-bluegrass feel to it. The rest of the album is enjoyable but those tracks don't stand out as the ones mentioned.

Heroes Are Hard To Find (4/5.04/5.04/5.04/5.04/5.0)
Heroes Are Hard To Find!
Review written by Kevin from Ohio, August 18th, 2004

Bob has "Mystery To Me" but Christine owns "Heroes...". All four of her efforts are very strong especially the title track and "Bad Loser". You can't go wrong with the Bob's rockier "Angel" and his somewhat bluesy "Born Enchanter". "Bermuda Triangle" is also a nice song by Bob, with a nice groovin' part. His styles seem to change quite a lot on this album. From somewhat heavier rock (Angel & Coming Home) to country (She's Changing Me), to mystical (Bermuda Triangle) to just bluesy (Born Enchanter) and to just rock (Silver Heels) and to the very boring "Safe Harbour". I'd get this album for anyone who's a fan of the Welch era because you get a lot of his compositions on here.

Fleetwood Mac (5/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.0)
Review written by Kevin from Cleveland, August 17th, 2004

My favorite Fleetwood Mac album since Bare Trees. This album is great to listen to all the way through. Even most of the fillers are enjoyable. Lindsey's stronger efforts are "I'm So Afraid" and "Monday Morning". Stevie gets the silver award and her best are "Rhiannon" and "Landslide". Christine has the strongest on here (Say You Love Me, Over My Head, Sugar Daddy) and all of her songs are great on this album unlike "Rumours". I could do without the country-sounding "Blue Letter" though and "Crystal" sometimes gets dull.

Bare Trees (5/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.05/5.0)
Worth Every Penny
Review written by Kevin from Ohio, August 16th, 2004

This is an excellent album showing everyone's talent vocally and musically. You have two of Welch's stronger efforts "Sentimental Lady" and very ghostly "The Ghost" with the melodic flute/clarinet. Then comes Christine's lovely soulful ballad "Spare Me A Little Of Your Love" and rocking "Homeward Bound" showing her dexterity. Kirwan's last album contains his best efforts. The jamming "Child of Mine" & "Bare Trees", the mellow "Sunny Side of Heaven" and the somber "Dust". "Thoughts On A Grey Day" is just a poem which should have just been left off. The other tracks make up for the poem. This album is worth every penny, so get to the store and buy it now.

Rumours (4/5.04/5.04/5.04/5.04/5.0)
So the rumours must be true, this must be great
Review written by Kevin, August 2nd, 2004

Their biggest album I believe is not their greatest. I prefer some earlier albums. I do think this is their best with the Stevie-Lindsey-Christine-John-Mick lineup. Almost every song is heard on the radio off this album and most of these songs are quite pleasant to listen to. I was never a fan of "Go Your Own Way" and I still am not. "Oh Daddy" puts me to sleep, sorry Christine but you've had better songs. "I Don't Want To Know" gets on my nerves too. Now with the good!!! Lindsey doesn't go overboard with his melodies and he shines with "Never Going Back Again" and with Christine on "Don't Stop". The "downs" in "Second Hand News" are kind of intense but they don't take away from the song. "Songbird" is a great song by Christine, one of her best. "You Make Loving Fun" is a good song with groovy music. Stevie hits a grand slam. "Dreams" and "Gold Dust Woman" are stellar. And lastly, "The Chain" is one of their best. Definitely put this on your Christmas list if you don't own it.