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David Rugely

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Just a little smile, makes it all worth while
And when it's possible, try and walk the extra mile
Ooh a gentle squeeze, sets my mind at ease
Your love pours down on me
My love pours out on you

We're gettin' deeper, deeper in love
We're gettin' deeper, deeper in love
And now my desire is to be warmed
Oo-huh my desire, is to be warmed by your fire


Just a simple touch, heals the wounds all up
And with your warm embrace
All of my tears erase
When you look my way, the pain is washed away
Your pours down on me
My love pours out on you

(repeat chorus)


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Date Performance 1979-00-00
Running Time 5:24
Performers Jeremy Spencer (Vocals), Michael Fogarty (Vocals), Jeremy Spencer (Guitars), Michael Fogarty (Keyboards), Jeff Schoen (Keyboards), Neal/Neil Jason (Bass), Al Izzo (Drums), Buz Buchanan (Drums), Victor Salazar (Percussion), Bill(-Dog) Dooley (Mixing Engineer), Bacho Mangual (Mixing Consultant), Jeremy Spencer (Produced By), Michael Fogarty (Produced By), Silvio Tancredi (Production Association), Israel Sanchez (Production Association), Armondo Noriega (Arranged By), Phil Anastasi (Vocal Concepts By)
CommentsMixed with the use of the Aphex Aural Exciter.
Appears On
Flee (1979)
Jeremy Spencer

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Written in Paris.

(C) 1976 Published by Pisces Productions/R&M Music Inc. ASCAP International Copyright Secured. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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Lyrics contributed by K. E. Gil.