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Heart To Call Home
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Billy Burnette, Rafe VanHoy/Van Hoy

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Got my life on my shoulder and my thumb in the wind
Don't think I'm comin' down this road again
I've held a lot of lovers just to wind up alone
I'm still looking for a heart to call home, call home

I've been searching for a shelter in a stranger's eyes
I've watched the truth as it passed me by
Now I follow a dream and I truest the unknown

These traveling shoes are wearing thin
I'm tired of running from where I've been
I'm searching for a place where my soul belongs
Still looking for a heart to call home, call home

I see your questions and I feel your doubt
You're asking yourself what I'm all about
I'm just living for the day I'll find me someone
Who's looking for a heart to call home, call home

God please tell me that I've found the one, I've found the one
Who's looking for a heart to call home
Call home

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Date Performance 1997-00-00
Running Time 3:24
Performers Billy Burnette (Vocals), Bekka Bramlett (Vocals), Rafe VanHoy/Van Hoy (Acoustic Guitar), Rafe VanHoy/Van Hoy (National Guitar), Tom/Thomas W. Roady (Percussion), Eddie Bayers (Drums), David/Dave Hungate (Bass), Brent Mason (Electric Guitar), Billy Burnette (Acoustic Guitar), Billy (Joe) Walker(, Jr.) (Acoustic Guitar), Dan Dugmore (Steel Guitar), Steve Nathan (Piano), Steve Nathan (Electronic Keyboards), Rob Hajacos (Fiddle)
Appears On
Bekka & Billy (1997)
Bekka & Billy

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Publishing Co./True South Music (BMI) Lyrics reprinted by permission.

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