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Tell Her Goodbye
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Robbie Patton, Joey Brasler

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I don't understond
What she wants with me
You're her friend can't you tell her
To let it be
There's nobody here
Don't cha try again
It's been two cold years
Since she married him

And I ain't about to call her up and say
How you doing, alright?
I don't wanna get shot thru the heart again
Like I'd been used to every night

So tell her I was wrong
Tell her she was right
Leavin' is easy in the middle of the night
Oh tell her it hurts
Tell her it was cruel
I deserve more than what she put me thru
I don't wanna cry
For the rest of my life
Tell her goodbye

Now you better go
Good to meet you dear
But there ain't no way
That she's comin' round here
Too bad it didn't work
It's sad she had to fall
But it's too late and I
Don't miss the hurtin' at all



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Date Performance 1982-00-00
Running Time 4:10
Performers Robbie Patton (Vocals), David Adelstein (Keyboards), Robin Sylvester (Bass), Kirk Arthur (Drums), Joey Brasler (Guitars)
Appears On
Orders From Headquarters (1982)
Robbie Patton

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(C) 1982 Red Snapper Music, ASCAP

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