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Feel The Flow
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Robbie Patton

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Date Performance 1982-00-00
Running Time 3:27
Performers Robbie Patton (Vocals), Kurt Howell (Keyboards), Robin Sylvester (Bass), Kirk Arthur (Drums), Joey Brasler (Guitars)
Appears On
Orders From Headquarters (1982)
Robbie Patton

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Hold your horses open your eyes
Take a good long look at your life
You want more than you got
Before you leave
Time to break those chains 'round your heart
Grab the future right fram the start
Don't stop makin' plans
'Cause now you're free

You gotta think you're special
Yeh a lot of class
Made of crystal
Not plastic glass
Be a winner
Of the world at last
Let your heart start pumpin'
Nothin' but luck - feel the flow
Take your chances out of the bank
Meet the wave like a ten ton tank
You hold all of the cards
Close that deal


Do it and I swear you will never be sorry
I know changin' is hard but oh how it feels so good
Do it and lose all of those years that you worried
Fill up your life with a love like everyone should
Push the start button don't get scared
Let your feelings come up for air
You can go to the top
Turn that wheel
Come on babe
Come on babe
Feel it


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(C) 1982 Red Snapper Music, ASCAP

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