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Robbie Patton

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You say that you're leavin'
And not comin' back
I guess I've been stupid
And lost the best love I've had
There's no good denying
I know what I've done
Given you heartache
Until you're ready to run
Well baby I'm sorry
The hurting is through
My eyes are wide open
You know it scares me to death to be without you

Louise, Louise
It won't be the some - come back to me
Louise, Louise
I know how to change - come back and see
Louise, Louise
I don't feel a thing without you near, Louise

I won't ever let you shed a tear
All that I want is you right here, Louise
I know you're still angry
You think I'm a clown
Not to be trusted
Whenever love comes around
Well I've learned my lesson
I'm not such a fool
To lose you forever
I'd be oh so sad oh what would I do


I know I've been wrong, but Jimmy can't give you forever
He may be smart, but I want your heart not a fan
Give me the shot I know I can make it all better
I just wanna get next to ya
I wanna make it all up to ya
Look at me you know I'm not lying
Don't leave me here and say you're gonna stop trying


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Date Performance 1982-00-00
Running Time 4:10
Performers Robbie Patton (Vocals), David Adelstein (Keyboards), Robin Sylvester (Bass), Kirk Arthur (Drums), Joey Brasler (Guitars)
Appears On
Orders From Headquarters (1982)
Robbie Patton

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(C) 1982 Red Snapper Music, ASCAP

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