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Victim Of Your Love
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Robbie Patton

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Morning has come
And there's nowhere to run
From your feelings
Never before
Did love get through the door
Of your heort
You olwoys could find
A way to unwind
It's meaning
But somehow last night
A touch thot felt right
Come too strong

Now you wanna lie with him
When he's gone you cry for him
And deep inside you'd die for him
There's a fire in your soul
Burning higher than you know

Oh, oh, bobe
You wanna be a Victim Of Your Love
Gone are the fears
Those frustrated years forever
You're in the arms
Of a world thot everyone needs



We all want to be a victim of some love

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Date Performance 1982-00-00
Running Time 3:55
Performers Robbie Patton (Vocals), David Adelstein (Keyboards), Robin Sylvester (Bass), Kirk Arthur (Drums), Joey Brasler (Guitars)
Appears On
Orders From Headquarters (1982)
Robbie Patton

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(C) 1982 Red Snapper Music, ASCAP

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