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Those Days Are Gone
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Bob Welch

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In the summer, when we change to men
Welll we eased up on the throttle then
And we listened to open book of love
All the the crazies & the water bombs
Car radio turned number one
Yeah the one time we were careless, wild & young
Those days are gone
But we still can hang on to our love
Yeah we can

I remember crusin' all those streets
In the beachtowns where the gas was cheap
And the summer, seemed to last longer than life
On the bus bench, eatin' cherry pie
With the one guy
Who was always high
And the one girl
That you dream of every night
(repeat chorus)

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Performance #1:
Date Performance 1980-00-00
Running Time 2:48
Performers Bob Welch (Vocals), Bob Welch (Guitar), Bob Welch (Synthesizer Guitar), David Adelstein (Keyboards), David Adelstein (Synthesizer), Donny Francisco (Harmony), Donny Francisco (Backing Vocals), Alvin Taylor (Drums), Al(lun) Bran (Bass)
Appears On
Man Overboard (1980)
Bob Welch
The Other One/Man Overboard (1998)
Bob Welch
Those Days Are Gone/The Girl Can't Stop (1980)
Bob Welch

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Lyrics contributed by K. E. Gil C.Ht.