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Old Man Of 17
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Bob Welch

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Date Performance 1979-09-00
Running Time 4:07
Performers Bob Welch (Vocals), Bob Welch (Lead Guitar), Donny Francisco (Drums), Donny Francisco (Percussion), Donny Francisco (Vocals), David Adelstein (Keyboards), David Adelstein (Vocals), Todd Sharp (Guitar), Brad Palmer (Bass), Brad Palmer (Vocals), Bob Welch (Arranged By), Donny Francisco (Arranged By), David Adelstein (Arranged By), Todd Sharp (Arranged By), Brad Palmer (Arranged By), (John) Carter (Produced By), Randy Ezratty/Ezratti (Recorded By), Randy Ezratty/Ezratti (Mixed By), David Cole (Recorded By), David Cole (Mixed By)
Appears On
The Other One (1979)
Bob Welch
The Other One/Man Overboard (1998)
Bob Welch
Jim Ladd's Innerview (1979)
Bob Welch

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