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The Penguin Discography: Ebony Eyes

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Ebony Eyes
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Bob Welch

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Date Performance 1977-00-00
Running Time 3:33
Performers Bob Welch (Guitars), Bob Welch (Bass), Bob Welch (Vocals), Alvin Taylor (Drums), (John) Carter (Produced By), Warren Dew(e)y (Engineer)
CommentsChart: Billboard US Hot 100 Singles Peak Position: 14 Peak Dates: Apr 8, 1978 & Apr 15, 1978 Weeks On Charts: 17
Appears On
French Kiss (0000)
Bob Welch
The Best Of Bob Welch (0000)
Bob Welch
Greatest Hits (1994)
Bob Welch
French Kiss/Three Hearts (1998)
Bob Welch
Ebony Eyes/Outskirts (0000)
Bob Welch
Ebony Eyes/Dancin' Eyes (0000)
Bob Welch
Sentimental Lady/Ebony Eyes (0000)
Bob Welch

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Have you seen that girl on the corner
I'd like to take her out of her chains
Cause if I had my way with you baby
I would be chaging your life today

Your eyes got me dreaming
Your eyes got me blind
Your eyes got me hoping
That I'll be holding close tonight

(repeat chorus)

She was the same as a hundred ladies
But when my eyes looked at her I learned
That she was keeping a secret fire
And if I got real close I'd burn
And so it looked like I had to move slowly
Just like a cat at night in the trees
Cause I was waiting for her to show me
That way that she liked her love to feel

(repeat chorus)

Ebony Eyes....

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Performance #1:
Running Time 3:16
Performers Bob Welch (Vocals)
Appears On
Bob Welch: His Fleetwood Mac Years & Beyond (2003)
Bob Welch
Performance #2:
Date Performance 1981-11-19
Running Time 5:22
Performers Stevie Nicks (Tambourine), Stevie Nicks (Background Vocals), Bob Welch (Vocals), Bob Welch (Guitar), David Adelstein (Keyboards), Joey Brasler (Guitar), Alvin Taylor (Drums), Robin Sylvester (Bass), Robin Sylvester (Background Vocals), Robbie Patton (Percussion), Robbie Patton (Background Vocals)
CommentsRecorded at the Roxy, Los Angeles, CA, second show
Appears On
Bob Welch And Friends Live From The Roxy (2004)
Bob Welch
Bob Welch And Friends Live From The Roxy (0000)
Bob Welch
The Source: NBC Radio Show (1982)
Bob Welch

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Lyrics contributed by K. E. Gil.