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The Penguin Discography: The Farmer's Daughter

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The Farmer's Daughter
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Brian Wilson, Mike/Michael (Edward) Love

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Date Performance 1980-07-00
Running Time 2:25
Sound Clip Listen.
Performers Lindsey Buckingham (Guitar), Lindsey Buckingham (Vocals), Mick Fleetwood (Drums), John McVie (Bass), Christine McVie (Keyboards), Christine McVie (Vocals), Stevie Nicks (Vocals), Jeffery Sova (Additional Live Keyboards), Tony Todaro (Additional Live Percussion)
CommentsRecorded live at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium for crew & friends
Appears On
Fleetwood Mac Live (1980)
Fleetwood Mac
The Farmer's Daughter/Dreams (0000)
Fleetwood Mac
The Farmer's Daughter/Monday Morning (0000)
Fleetwood Mac

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I could come from miles away
Ain't got (ain't got, ain't got)
No place to stay (place to stay, place to stay)
Glad to (glad to, glad to)
Help you plow your fields (help you plow, help you plow)
Farmer's daughter (farmer's daughter, farmer's daughter)

Might be (might be, might be)
Just a couple of days (couple of days, couple of days)
Clean up (clean up, clean up)
Rest and on my way (on my way, on my way)
Thank you (thank you, thank you)
And I'm must obliged (much obliged, much obliged)
Farmer's daughter (farmer's daughter, farmer's daughter)


So long (so long, so long)
Better leave your land (leave your land, leave your land)
Many thanks (many thanks, many thanks)
It was mighty grand (mighty grand, mighty grand)
I do (hope to, hope to)
Hope to see you again (see you again see you again)
Farmer's daughter (farmer's daughter, farmer's daughter)

Oh oh
Farmer's daughter (farmer's daughter, farmer's daughter)

Oh oh
Farmer's daughter (farmer's daughter, farmer's daughter)

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Performance #1:
Running Time 2:15
Sound Clip Listen.
Performers Stevie Nicks (Vocals), Lindsey Buckingham (Guitars), Lindsey Buckingham (Vocals), Christine McVie (Keyboards), Christine McVie (Synthesizers), Christine McVie (Vocals), John McVie (Bass), Mick Fleetwood (Drums), Mick Fleetwood (Percussion), Fleetwood Mac (Produced By), Lindsey Buckingham (Produced By), Mick Fleetwood (Produced By), John McVie (Produced By), Christine McVie (Produced By), Stevie Nicks (Produced By), Richard Dashut (Produced With), Ken Caillat (Produced With)
Appears On
Tusk (Rhino Remastered Edition) (2004)
Fleetwood Mac
Performance #2:
Performers Mick Fleetwood (Drums), John McVie (Bass), Lindsey Buckingham (Guitar)
Appears On
Hollywood (0000)
Fleetwood Mac

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Irving Music Inc. - BMI

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Lyrics contributed by Greg Gilbert.