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(Cowboy) Jack Clement, Don(ald) (Irwin) Robertson

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Date Performance 2004-00-00
Running Time 2:28
Performers (Cowboy) Jack Clement (Vocals), (Cowboy) Jack Clement (Guitars), (Cowboy) Jack Clement (Dobro), (Cowboy) Jack Clement (Ukulele), Bobby Wood(s) (Piano), Bobby Wood(s) (Keyboards), Catherine Styron Marks (Keyboards), Brooks Watson (Keyboards), Brooks Watson (Other Voices), David/Dave Roe (Bass), Kenny Malone (Drums), Kenny Malone (Percussion), Shawn Camp (Guitars), Shawn Camp (Other Voices), Billy Burnette (Guitars), Billy Burnette (Other Voices), Ronnie McCoury (Guitars), Ronnie McCoury (Mandolin), Ronnie McCoury (Mandola), Ronnie McCoury (Gut String Guitar), Joey Miskulin (Accordion), Joey Miskulin (Plectrum Banjo), Mark Howard (Five String Banjo), Mark Howard (Mandolin), Mark Howard (Other Voices), Tim O'Brien (Mandolin), Tim O'Brien (Fiddle), Hank Singer (Fiddle), Jack (Stack-A-Track) Grochmal (Rhythm Guitar), Jack (Stack-A-Track) Grochmal (Other Voices), David R. (Ferg) Ferguson (Rhythm Guitar), Al Angelo (Steel Guitar), (Blue) Jay Patten (Saxophone), Roger Cook (Ukulele), (Hugh) Gordon Stoker (Singer), Louis Nunley (Singer), Ray C. Walker (Singer), Curtis Young (Songwriter), Alison Clement (Other Voices), Marshall Chapman (Other Voices), Matraca Berg (Other Voices), Pat McLaughin (Other Voices), Jack (Stack-A-Track) Grochmal (Mixed By)
CommentsMixed At Blackbird Studios.
Appears On
Guess Things Happen That Way (2004)
(Cowboy) Jack Clement

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I'm a L-O-N-E-S-O-M-E G-U-Y
Cross my H-E-A-R-T
And hope to die

What kind of fool would make an angel cry
Now it H-U-R-T-S me 'cause I was that guy
And I know I was a B-A-D B-O-Y
But I'm sorry for the things I did
That made you C-R-Y Little Darlin'

I'm a L-O-N-E-S-O-M-E G-U-Y
So please let's give it
One more college T-R-Y

I'm not K-I-D-D-I-N-G this time

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(C) 1995 Clement Family Songs (BMI)/Don Robertson Music (BMI)

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