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Always Tomorrow
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Gloria (M.) Estefan

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Date Performance 2005-00-00
Performers Gloria (M.) Estefan (Vocals), Dan Warner (Guitar), Marco Linares (Guitar), Sal Cuevas (Bass), Arturo Sandoval (Piano), Edwin Bonilla (Percussion (Cajon)), Edwin Bonilla (Percussion (Chequere)), Ricardo Gaitan (Additional Percussion), Emilio Estefan(, Jr.) (Produced By), Tony Mardini (Engineer), Ricardo Gaitan (Engineer), Alberto Gaitan (Engineer)
Comments(Acoustic) by Gloria Estefan. Part 2 of the 'Coming Out Of The Dark/Always Tomorrow' track. Total running time of track is 5:16. Recorded at The Hit Factory, Miami/Crescent Moon Studios.
Appears On
Hurricane Relief: Come Together Now (2005)
Various Artists

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