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The Wind
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Warren Zevon, Jorge Calderon

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Date Performance 2004-00-00
Running Time 4:07
Performers Billy Bob Thornton (Vocal), Jorge Calderon (Acoustic Guitar), Jorge Calderon (Tres), Jorge Calderon (Vocals), Waddy (Robert) Wachtel (Electric Guitar), Reggie Hamilton (Upright Bass), Michito Sanchez (Percussion), Jorge Calderon (Produced By), Paul Dieter (Engineer), Greg Hayes (Engineer), Jim Mitchell (Engineer), Jim Mitchell (Mixed By), John Hoke (Engineer)
Commentsby Billy Bob Thornton. Recorded at The Cave, Groove Masters and Dreamland Studios. Mixed at The Cave.
Appears On
Enjoy Every Sandwich: The Songs Of Warren Zevon (2004)
Various Artists

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The wind is laughing through the trees
Laughing with me, not at me
Round here when the wind blows hard
You start forgetting who you are

Round here when it rains it pours
Even the bobolink goes indoors
You'll be forgotten but you won't forget
Come along with me you'll just get wet

Arizona's so hot and dry
Dreamt-up rivers and mountains rise
Old cars left to rest and rust
Come down with me says the dust

Out here on a stormy night
Amidst the clouds and crackling light
Time's a foe and time's a friend
Come along with me says the wind

Arizona's filled with ghosts
The San Joaquin my gracious host
Through the rain, the wind and dust
To the arms of Jesus

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