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The Battle Of Evermore
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Jimmy (James Patrick) Page, Robert (A.) Plant

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Date Performance 2001-00-00
Running Time 7:01
Performers Deborah/Debbie (Louise) Bonham (Vocals), Jason Bonham (Vocals), Pete(r) (James) Bullick (Acoustic Guitar), Tony Catania (Mandolin), Jimmy Rash (Mixed By)
CommentsDeborah Bonham: 'We recorded this live in Los Angeles at Rockline Radio. Jason had asked me to go and see him play in LA at the Whiskey A Go Go. "Come on Deb, you've never seen me play live in America. Get on a plane and come over". So I did - with Peter! The unimaginable delight of a lifetime was awaiting me there. Upon our arrival, Jason told me that he was doing a live radio show and would I like to sing THE BATTLE OF EVERMORE. I'd never sung this song before, but I thought that it might be quite cool with his singer, so I agreed. Peter was to play acoustic guitar with Jason's guitarist Tony Catania on mandolin. But it wasn't until a few moments before we were about to do the show that I found out that my duet would be with Jason. Apart from the all consuming fear inside me at the prospect of singing live to 3 million listeners, the only thing I could think of was that Jason was a drummer! But knowing Jason like I do, I knew he would never do anything that was unprofessional. So, with whiskey in hand, I walked into the studio to duet with my nephew - the drummer - and the presenter BOB COBURN, totally unrehearsed. The spooky part about this was that there was a large poster of Robert looking down on us and I remember feeling somewhat insignificant and that maybe this was all a dream. However, I was soon shocked back into reality when Jason began to sing; I was stunned. Here was my brother's song giving his all; not only could he play drums the way he did but he sang with soul and a passion. With great pride I wantched him - then all of the sudden it was my turn and I knew I couldn't let him down. We sang the duet after which, as you can hear, we both cried. I have to say that the fact that Peter and Tony played the way they did enabled me and Jase to lose ourselves and do what we did. After, there was much quaffing of ale! ".....Sing to the morning light Jase....." Thank you for that memory - I love you. Song used by permission of MJI Broadcasting, in partner ship with Premier Radio Networks.'
Appears On
The Old Hyde (2001)
Deborah/Debbie (Louise) Bonham

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