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Ten Steps Back
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Deborah/Debbie (Louise) Bonham, Pete(r) (James) Bullick, Gary Morris

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Oh my mother, I need a little help, I've seemed to have lost my Way and what it's all about
I spoke to my brother just the other night and he said he was tired of trying when we're losing this fight...

Though we try and we try, we don't get too far, it's a shame
It's always one step forward, then ten steps back

My other brother, before you left this life, did you think for one minute that we'd be alright
And there's my sister-in-law to me, wonders what she's done to deserve this misery....

Though we try and we try, we don't get too far, it's a shame
It's always one step forward then it's ten steps back

So the point to all of this, my mother told me, she said don't look back, life is
What it is meant to be...
And oh my father, though you're not here, I think I understand..
Well I believe that you're near... said I believe that you're near......

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Date Performance 2001-00-00
Running Time 4:38
Performers Deborah/Debbie (Louise) Bonham (Vocals), Deborah/Debbie (Louise) Bonham (Backing Vocals), Pete(r) (James) Bullick (Acoustic Guitar), Pete(r) (James) Bullick (Mandolin), Doug(ie) Boyle (Electric Guitar Solo), Michael Chetwood (Piano), John Dominic (Jenkinson) (Harmonica), Mo Foster (5 String Bass Guitar), Mo Foster (Percussion), Brett Morgan (Drums), Ronnie Caryl (Backing Vocals), Derek Jeffrey (Backing Vocals), Simon Smart (Mixed By)
CommentsMixed at Sound Discs London & Sanctuary Studios London.
Appears On
The Old Hyde (2001)
Deborah/Debbie (Louise) Bonham

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Spaniel Songs Ltd. Deborah Bonham: 'Dedicated to my brother Michael Bonham. Michael, my best friend, passed away January 14th 2000. I can't explain the effect this has had on my life. Devastation is the only word I can think of. He always felt that he could take that one step forward and ten steps back, and yet the beautiful book he has written about his life with John and my family is set for success. He was extremely talented and was an integral part of making of this album - always listening to mixes, helping me with ideas, always being there. He made me laugh even at my most desperate moments especially during recording. He was always supportive and his moment of fame came when he played percussion on the album. He had a natural with and such a loving personality. His charisma touched many people and he's left a hugh dark void in my life, never to be filled by another....I only hope that one day I can look back and smile without too many tears, but for the moment it's too soon and it hurts too much...."I think I understand, well I believe that you're near...." I love you Michael and this is for you....'

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