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Devil's In New Orleans
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Deborah/Debbie (Louise) Bonham

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Hey Mister President have you heard the news, that boy's too young he can't play the blues
Well well they locked him up and threw away the key, now he's playing his guitar as sweet as can be.
They said he's guilty until he proves that he's innocent, but he's done no wrong but in the southern states well they make no sense
This is the 20th century, my mama never told me there'd be people like these.....

So Mister President the rest of this tale is a sad one, cos these people are crazed
Well well they went to trial and the judge was shocked, he said "excuse me boy, immigration should be locked up. I'm ruling now that
He's free to go wherever he please..." but then a big fat ugly woman with hair on her face said "hey boy freeze. You're going back in the
Slammer now, well we don't take no rules from that judge anyhow.."
The devil's in New Orleans, Devil's in New Orleans
Devil's in New Orleans, Well he took my man and locked him up....
We got him home but not without a fight, it took all the Irish army and all of their might
Well well they brought him home and they didn't say please and that big fat ugly woman was brought to her knees. She said "I'm really
Sorry, but you see it's not really me whose to blame....well I just take my orders from this man, I think that you know his name. His eyes
Are red and his face is mean, a more evil man, you never have seen"
The Devil's in New Orleans, Devil's in New Orleans, Devil's in New Orleans, Well he took my man yeah,
Said the Devil, said the Devil, said he lives in New Orleans.

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Date Performance 2001-00-00
Running Time 3:48
Performers Deborah/Debbie (Louise) Bonham (Vocals), Jason Bonham (Drums), Pete(r) (James) Bullick (Electric Guitars), Michael Chetwood (Piano), John Dominic (Jenkinson) (Harmonica), Mo Foster (Percussion), Mo Foster (Bass), Ian Rowley (5 String Bass Guitar), Simon Smart (Mixed By)
CommentsMixed by at Sound Discs London & Sanctuary Studios London. UK issue notes list Rowley for bass, US isssue lists Foster for bass.
Appears On
The Old Hyde (2001)
Deborah/Debbie (Louise) Bonham

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Spaniel Songs Ltd. Deborah Bonham: 'Dedicated to Peter Bullick Snr, Hazel Brownlee, Dee and Ro Breen..... This is an unbelievable story and far too painful for me to explain indepth. But this irratates me as it is a story that should be told - so here goes..... On Peter's first trip to Amercia with me we were both arrested by Immigration in Nashville, the reason being that I had too many clothes! They interrogated us separately (which was the most frightening thing I have ever experienced) attempting to use us against each other. During this time I was asked to swear allegiance to the American flag. Now I love America, but I'm British, so why should I be made to do this? Fortunately I had the presence of mind to refuse and demand a lawyer. Eventually I was released without any explanation. I demanded to see Peter, but they refused. Although terrified, I stood my ground, and I was eventually allowed to see him - supervised - and for just 5 minutes. They explained that there was some paper work to sort out but that he would be released a little later. Stupidly, and innocently, Peter and I believed them. As soon as I left they took him handcuffed to New Orleans Parish Prison. He was denied his right to a lawyer or phone call. I waited and waited all through the night but he didn't arrive or call. The next day I called the airport. They had never heard of Peter Bullick. I lost him for 3 days. I was hysterical. The only thing that kept me together were the 2 friends I was staying with - Dee and Ro. Ro eventually suggested that we call the Irish embassy as Peter was travelling on an Irish passport. We did this and 2 months later, after appearing and winning in court 7 days after his arrest but still being locked up due to Immigration's right to appeal, Peter was released. Immigration withdrew their appeal. As much as this story makes me sick to my stomach, we were lucky. We had great friends in America and local people were incredibly supportive. the American press and media were fantastic (Time magazine, The Irish Voice, ABC TV). Teddy Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Frank Sheriden and Phillip Grant of the Irish embassy US were also powerfully influential in securing Peter's release. Due to relentless campaigning by Peter's father and mother every Irish newspaper supported us. And last, but not least, thanks to Geoff Hall, the Scottish guy held in the same prison who befriended Peter and helped him to survive. My gratitude to you all..... Finally, to anyone who cannot believe that this could possibly happen in America without just cause, let me assure you - it did. However, I'm happy to say that justice prevailed. I'm also happy to report, American Airlines, who were the only airline travelling direct to Nashville, have since withdrawn this route. Immigration was removed, and I wrote this song..... Thanks to Dee for the title...'

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