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Black Coffee
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Ike (Izear Luster) Turner(, Jr.), Tina Turner (Anna Mae Bullock)

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Date Performance 2001-00-00
Running Time 4:22
Performers Deborah/Debbie (Louise) Bonham (Vocals), Jason Bonham (Drums), Robbie Blunt (Electric Slide Guitar), Robbie Blunt (Solo), Pete(r) (James) Bullick (Electric Guitars), Pete(r) (James) Bullick (Slide Guitars), Pete(r) (James) Bullick (Solo), Michael Chetwood (Keyboards), Ian Rowley (5 String Bass), Simon Smart (Mixed By)
CommentsMixed at Sound Discs London & Sanctuary Studios London. Deborah Bonham: 'Dedicated to Stevie Marriott....the little man with the huge, astounding voice. I've tried to do him proud..... When I was younger, my brother Michael played me this song by a band called Humble Pie. Being astounded by what I heard I asked him about the band and, in particular, who the vocalist was. His reply was Steve Marriott. When I first saw a picture of Steve, I was again astounded. He was a diminutive figure - and white! The picture in my head was a man of about 7-foot tall with all the black soul of a gospel choir. Steve died on 20th April 1991 - a tragic loss to his family and to the music industry.'
Appears On
The Old Hyde (2001)
Deborah/Debbie (Louise) Bonham

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