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Spirit Of The Forest
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Kenny/Kenneth Young

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Date Performance 1989-00-00
Running Time 5:17
Performers Chris Rea (Vocals (Solos)), Rich(ard) (James) Page (Vocals (Solos)), Andy (Andrew John) Partridge (Vocals (Solos)), Colin (Ivor) Moulding (Vocals (Solos)), Dave (David) Gregory (Vocals (Solos)), David/Dave Gilmour (Vocals (Solos)), Brian Wilson (Vocals (Solos)), Joni Mitchell (Vocals (Solos)), Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey) (Vocals (Solos)), Bonnie Raitt (Vocals (Solos)), Deborah/Debbie Harry (Vocals (Solos)), Belinda Carlisle (Vocals (Solos)), Fish (Derek William Dick) (Vocals (Solos)), Kate Bush (Vocals (Solos)), (Little) Steven Van Zandt/VanZandt (Vocals (Solos)), Jon (John Roy) Anderson (Vocals (Solos)), Sam(antha) Brown (Vocals (Solos)), Trevor (David) Steel (Vocals (Solos)), Olivia Newton-John (Vocals (Solos)), Louise Goffin (Vocals (Solos)), L.L. Cool J. (James Todd Smith) (Vocals (Non Solos)), Africa Bambaata (Kevin Donovan) (Vocals (Non Solos)), Fred Schneider (Vocals (Non Solos)), Cindy Wilson (Vocals (Non Solos)), Kate Pierson (Vocals (Non Solos)), Keith Strickland (Vocals (Non Solos)), Wendy O(rlean) Williams (Vocals (Non Solos)), Wes Beech (Vocals (Non Solos)), Chris Romanelli (Vocals (Non Solos)), Julia Mathunjwa (Vocals (Non Solos)), Billy Burnette (Vocals (Non Solos)), Mick Fleetwood (Vocals (Non Solos)), Kenny/Kenneth Young (Vocals (Non Solos)), Vic(tor) Coopersmith-Heaven (Smith) (Vocals (Non Solos)), Nick Glennie-Smith (Vocals (Non Solos)), Amy Sky (Vocals (Non Solos)), Dolette McDonald (Vocals (Non Solos)), Mark Brzezicki (Vocals (Non Solos)), Frank (Francis) Dunnery (Vocals (Non Solos)), Michael (Marquis/Philip) De(s) Barre(s) (Lord) (Vocals (Non Solos)), Marc Jordan (Vocals (Non Solos)), Lisa Bonet (Lilakoi Moon) (Vocals (Non Solos)), Lenny Kravitz (Vocals (Non Solos)), Andy Fairweather-Low(e) (Vocals (Non Solos)), Mike Gee (Small) (Vocals (Non Solos)), Sammy B(urwell) (Vocals (Non Solos)), Afrika Baby Bam (Nathaniel Phillip Hall) (Vocals (Non Solos)), Randy Cooke (Vocals (Non Solos)), John(ny)/John(nie) (Robert) Warman (Waughman) (Vocals (Non Solos)), Bruce Foxton (Vocals (Non Solos)), David Clayton-Thomas (Vocals (Non Solos))
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Appears On
Spirit Of The Forest (1989)
Spirit Of The Forest

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