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The Penguin Discography: Nani Maya Baila

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Nani Maya Baila
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Running Time 2:23
Performers Navaraj Gurung (Tablas), Sushila Amatya (Sitar), Suresh Raj Bajracharya (Sarod), Bharat Nepali (Sarangi), Alan Simon (Acoustic Guitar), Alan Simon (Harmonicas), Alan Simon (Back Vocals), Alan Simon (Whistle), Alan Simon (Bodhran), Alan Simon (Vocals), Alan Simon (Add Piano), Alan Simon (Add Percussions), Alan Simon (Produced By), Alan Simon (Composed By), Alan Simon (Arranged By)
Commentsby Siddhart(h)a Orchestra. Alan Simon: Nepal: I was in Kathmandu, a fascinating city. In the street I had to zigzag to avoid the motorbikes and funny old buses. At last I got to the studio where Navraj, Sushila, Suresh, and Bharat were waiting patiently for me. The Siddharta orchestra was born and we burst into laughter, astonished by the reunion. Everybody Wished to give their best and "Nani Maya Baila" came from this friendship. The beaaty who sows the seeds of life illustrates the concept existence. The moment I shared with these wonderful Himalayan musicians sums up well this incredible adventure. At the end of the session, it was already very late and we said goodbye With the wave of a hand. Outside, Kathmandu was still singing.
Appears On
Gaia (2003)
Alan Simon

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Traditional. Published by EMI Music Publishing Germany for Europe only

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