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Where Is Love
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Lionel Bart

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Date Performance 1970-00-00
Performers Mark Cooper (Stroud) (Soloist (Vocals)), John Mitchell (Guitars), Jerry Watts (Guitars)
Appears On
22nd Streatham Cubs Sing For Your Enjoyment (1970)
London 22nd Streatham Cubs

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Great South London voice
Review written by Anonymous, August 3rd, 2012

I recently stumbled across this album at a jumble sale, teh songs are typical boy scout group but this version of ‘Where is Love’ is unique, this kid is singing his heart out, it brought tears to my heart, not because it’s a great version, but because it’s so natural. Just a kid opening his mouth and letting go.
Other versions by trained singers and produced may be better but nothing beats this raw version. What a shame he never did anymore singing at that age.

Love the accent
Review written by Christine, October 19th, 2011

I love this version, it's raw. This kid has had no training, no coaching, he is just singing his heart out and it's beautiful. You can here his East London accent as he sings.

I bought this album at a Flea market without knowing it had Bob Brunning playing bass. I love Fleetwood Mac. It's wonderful to think that the boy singing "Where is love" went onto be a famous writer.

Cute and Simple.
Review written by Pamela Barriball. (pambarriball@aol.com), April 3rd, 2010

I picked up this Lp at a car boot sell in Streatham Hill. I love this version by Mark Stroud. Not because it's perfect or he has the voice as an angel. But because what you have here is a young london lad singing in tune with a nice voice and a cockney acent.
It makes me smile when I here how naturally he drops into the song and opens up.
I was pleased to read he has moved onto greater things.

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