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I've Been Pretending
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Javier Pacheco

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Running Time 0:53
Appears On
Fritz Sampler for The Penguin (2004)

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Iíve been pretending that my ears donít hear the noise
about the rumors thatíve been flyiní by the boys
I wonít believe a single word Ďtil Iíve seen you
And Iíll go walking blindly wonít know what to do
Until I get straight all those rumors came from you

They say you crossed me for another avenue;
I canít believe you left me after Iíve been true,
But Iíll forget what they have said or what they think,
Until I hear it first from you Iíll solve my link
youíve got to tell me if itís true did our love sink.

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Lyrics contributed by Javier Pacheco.